Is Gandhi stamps all about Forgery ? Biggest SCAM in stamp collection ?

Following special cancellation on 1948 Gandhi Stamps looks like one more addition to FORGERY in Gandhi stamps .!!

You can see clearly that  forger (maker of this used stamp) wants to hide information so only partly cancellation is applied on stamps, which hide from which city it is originated from.!!

Also you can see cleary that Alphabet on cancellation does not make sense but lines inside the cancellation is missing.!!

But there are chances that facsimile or replica of Gandhi stamps is used with this forged cancellation.!! So BEWARE of any USED stamp also.!!

It's forgery everywhere.!! either it be stamp or cancellation.!!

But to me it looks like this stamps were removed from first day cover.!!. which was sold by same eBay seller "storypost" from Athens, Greece.!!

Click following link to read my blog post about this stamp or see following image.!!!




Do research yourself after looking all of the following special cancellation.  Look for following information and compare. 

1) G.P.O missing on Simla, Nagpur and Shillong. WHY ? ( Genuine or BOGUS or Forgery)
2) Alphabet type and size : Shillong, Delhi, New Delhi
3) Shapes of special cancellation (Madras)
4) Is it AUG or AUGUST.
5) Compare lines and size inside the cancellation
6) Compare Hindi languague alphabet "जय हिन्द"
7) All kinds of different things you can think and compare.!!

But there are more forgeries of this cancellation than any cancellation in stamp collection history.!!

You can see all following cancellation from different cities and try to be JUDGE yourself.!!

Calcutta cancellation is Forgery and Simla cancellation are both different.!!

Both SHILLONG cancellation looks different with HINDI alphabet "Jai Hind" and type & # of lines.

Compare above four cancellation from BOMBAY and check for # of lines, types of lines in center of special cancellation. (some has 7 and some has 8 and some don't make sense.!!)

Above two cancellation are from MADRAS. Only cancellation with "AUG".!! Also look at the difference between them in shapes. Also "." is missing.

Forgers have not only manufactured stamps for the philatelic market, they have added forged cancellations to those stamps.

Forged cancellations have also be applied to genuine stamps, in cases where the stamps are worth much more postally used. In addition, where rare cancellations are desired by collectors, those cancellations have also been forged.

Cancellations also may be used to prove that certain philatelic items are genuine. For example, forgers have fabricated many supposedly valuable postal covers by adding genuine stamps and forged postal markings to pre-stamp covers. (From Wikipedia)

Poona & Simla cancellation looks like BOGUS

Above two cancellation are from NAGPUR looks BOGUS. Look at the difference.

Kanpur & Patna cancellation with irregular alphabets and letters along with shapes

Delhi and New Delhi cancellation. Looks at  the difference.

Pondicherry was ruled by French India in 1948. Compare it with MADRAS which only has "AUG" where as Pondicherry has "AUGUST" even though they are very near.!!

Does ALLAHABAD & PATNA cancellation looks like GENUINE ?

In this forgery cancellation, it has been have push to collect cancellation from different post office in India.!!

So forger created for you cancellation from Simla, Patna, Allahabad, Poona, Nagpur, Kanpur, Pondicherry, Calcutta, Bombay and lot more hiding in someone collection.!!

Don't you think that Gandhi stamps all about Forgery ? 

Don't you think it's Biggest SCAM in stamp collection ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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