China stamp collection is a SCANDAL ?

Are Gandhi stamps buyer(bidder) and Gandhi Philatelic material buyer(bidder) are involved in STAMPS SCANDAL.!!?

Last week I wrote about "Gandhi Stamps is "The Greatest Scandal in Stamp Collection" ? : How experienced Collectors/Dealers Fooled YOU.!!" were buyers don't pay to seller in order to increase price.

In that blog post seller "buyersellers-australia" did not get money from buyer.

In this blog post, I am not talking just Scandal in Gandhi stamps, but any thematic stamp collection is a SCANDAL ?

My personal opinion is YES, stamp collection is a SCANDAL!! so watch out what you are collecting or involved in it.

If you just sell stamps then you will not get more than $1 or $2, but by making this kind of cover can get lot of money and can make your living on selling stamps and philatelic material.!!

How to make living on stamp collectors.!!

Also no one will notice whether stamps are forgery stamps (replica or facsimile).!! because of forged rubber stamp applied on this.

How can you tell this is genuine first fligh cover from peiping to Shanghai.?

Recently eBay seller "buyersellers-australia" sold China philatelic cover  for $210 to one biggest non paying Gandhi stamp buyer "shafiqshah2810"

This winner of China 1920 first flight air mail cover Peiping to Shanghai  "shafiqshah2810" in past was winner of Gandhi SERVICE stamp for $907, but did not paid to seller.!! 

He not only  inflated the price of that stamp, but also used eBay infrastructure and  created loss to eBay stock holders. (Disclosure: I owned eBay stock. eBay stock holders think that this kind of sale is getting lot of comission to their company and stock price will go up.!! Are they cheating to eBay stock holder also.!!)

Even though Gandhi SERVICE stamps are available only on forgery because actual stamp are very less and they even sell with forged expertising certificate as genuine.!!

Read my blog posts about that non paying deal on eBay, so you can think about SCANDAL in China Stamps also.



China stamp collection is a SCANDAL ?

So after reading above blog post what do you think about this China stamp?

Did it really sold for $210 and paid all eBay commission and PayPal fees? (Looks like he paid to seller from feedback, but chances of returning item or false feedback are also possible.)

Is it genuine philatelic cover as it has been almost 90+ years and there are more replica or facsimile available of China stamps as well as any other expensive stamps.!!

Look at following forgery available in British India stamp collection.

As in my previous blog post, I mentioned about CHINA stamps forgery, illegal activities such as SHILL bidding and other non ethical way to increase price, so after reading following blog post what do you think about this.

So what do you think about this China stamp transaction.?

In my previous blog I mentioned about Gandhi stamp scandal.

This makes me think that are Gandhi stamp buyer are greatly involved in increasing stamps price ?

Do you think Gandhi stamp buyer are also buying all kinds of stamps or they are just dealers who are buying it.? 

Because stamp collector don't collect each and every thematic collection. If you see above screenshot you will see that "shafiqshah2810" is buying Mongolia stamps, China stamps, Russia stamps, Queen Victoria stamps and philatelic material. So what this indicates to you.?

And which makes me think that are Gandhi stamps buyers (collectors) are  involved in one of the biggest ongoing SCANDAL in stamp collection?

It's up to you to decide ( China stamp collection is a SCANDAL ?) as you have to PAY with YOUR own money.!!

Gandhi stamps Club.

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