Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

We all know how much we all love money, and if we get money by without doing lot of work, we will be more happy and will become richer faster.!!!

That's why people rob bank or rob someone's money or gold from people or try to sell forgery or bogus items such as Gucci ladies purse or Rolex watch or Nike shoes. But  there are chances of getting caught by police or this brand name companies keep monitoring eBay about who is selling forged items and nail this seller and take legal action against them.

But if you make a forged or bogus philatelic material, cheaters/robbers will not get caught because no one monitor stamps and philatelic material selling on eBay as it is issued by public government agency.!!

And that's the reason we saw nothing but forgery or bogus philatelic material made by just applying rubber stamp on some cover or on old used cover. !!

Now look at the following philatelic cover with UAE stamps, UAE personalised stamps, UAE 2006 Dubai stamp exhibition cancellation and Gandhi image rubber stamp 

But rubber stamp of Mahatma Gandhi image on it which has nothing to do with stamp exhibition, but someone is  trying to make money from you by just applying some personalized stamp with rubber stamp of Gandhi image.!!

It's selling for $75.!! which is lot of money for some countries. !! ( $75 is more than monthly salary for more than 100+ countries in the world including India.!!)

So instead of working whole month you can make $75, by just selling one BOGUS  philatelic cover with UAE stamps, UAE personalised stamps, UAE 2006 Dubai stamp exhibition cancellation and Gandhi image rubber stamp, which might only cost $1 or $2!!

So don't you think, instead of working whole month you can live your living by making some forged or bogus philatelic material which will be rare and will enough money for some of the countries like India or Nepal.!!

Look at following bogus philatelic material and you decide what is the GANDHI image rubber stamps on UAE 2006  philatelic cover with UAE stamps, UAE personalised stamps and  UAE 2006 Dubai stamp exhibition cancellation.

We all know how easy is to make rubber stamp and apply on cover or piece of paper.!!

Read and compare my following blog post about  BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps or making BOGUS or Forgery philatelic material, which are sold from $100 -$1000. Also some are selling for more than $15000+!!!

All of the above are BOGUS or FORGED or possible Bogus or Forged rubber stamps applied on piece of paper or envelope and some of them are even 100+ years old.!!

Now look at above UAE 2006 Dubai Exhibition Gandhi Stamp Cancel cover selling on eBay by "ashokmehta1955" from India which is selling for $75.!!

After reading my above blog post and seeing images, does it make sense that it's a genuine rubber stamp of Gandhi cancellation issued by UAE postal department ? If it is not from postal department then it's not official.!!

My personal opinion is, it's just a rubber stamp (art work) not special cancellation of Gandhi issued by UAE government postal department.!!

But it's your money and you need to decide after reading my above mentioned blog post as your opinion counts not mine, because it's your hard earned money and you don't want to rip-off !!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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