Mauritania Africa stamps : How to CHEAT other stamp collectors ??

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

In my previous post I wrote about "UAE Dubai stamp exhibition : HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIVING ON STAMP COLLECTORS ?".

This is one more way to make living on stamp collectors is by cheating.!!

Recently I saw Mauritania Africa 1969 stamps of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King stamps on postal history used airmail cover to USA, was for auction AGAIN from eBay seller "qualitycc" of Canada.

Also not sure whether this is genuine used cover or forgery or bogus cover with fake rubber stamp applied on any piece of paper.!!

On August 25th it was sold to eBay buyer "RTHAPER"  from India for $48 who is eBay member since 2006,  but  looks like he/she did not paid to seller and it's again back on eBay.!!


If you try to sell this just stamps then you will not find buyer or it will sell under $1. But if you use this stamps and apply some kind of forgery rubber stamp then it can fetch $48 also.!!

But this blog post is  not about forgery of rubber stamp but it's FORGERY or ILLEGAL way to increase price, by not paying to seller and try to Cheat others by showing all the glorification.!!

By doing this they are either Glorifying stamp collection or increasing value of their collection.

Click  this link (click here) to see eBay feedback given by "rthaper" to "qualitycc" and find other similar transaction.!!

There were only 2 bidders interested in this Mauritania Africa stamp cover send to USA and "rthaper" won this auction by bidding at last moment using SNIPING tool, which bids for you at last moment.

But when SNIPER bids using sniping he/she don't bid at all, which is not a case here.!! (Disclosure:- I also using Sniping tool to bid on auction).

But sometimes you will get cheated in this also by some cheater will bid very high and will not pay to seller. !!

Now if you see feedback given by "rthaper" "PERFECT TRANSACTION A+++" you will find that eBay transaction really went through but it's not that case.!!

By doing this kind of activity eBay shareholder (Disclosure : I am eBay shareholder) are at lost because they don't commission on this type of sell as

1) Buyer and seller mutually withdraw winning auction and get commission back.
2) Buyer don't pay and seller open case with eBay and get commission back.

This is a very common practice in Gandhi stamps collection or any other collection were price is increased artifically by all kind of ILLEGAL methods.

1) Shill Bidding
2) Not paying to seller (PERFECT TRANSACTION A+++)
3) Even buyer open case of not getting delivery (specially in India, Russia and some Asian countries).!!

Don't you think eBay buyer "rthaper" is also doing similar things on his other winning auction.??

I think so.!!

So beware of STAMP COLLECTION specially when you collect Gandhi stamps or any British India stamps.!!

It has nothing but each and every kind of illegal means to GLORIFIED!! so some collectors can live their living on us!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Update :-
On 9/24/13 this was again for sale.!!

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