India Bird stamp : India Bird Prey Error stamp : Genuine stamps or Forgery stamp ?

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

We all know how forgery stamp (replica stamps) are selling in Gandhi stamp collection as well as British India stamp collection of King Edward stamp, King George stamp and Queen Victoria stamps.

In order to be safe we need to see what's going on in different thematic philately and try to be aware of CHEATING from that thematic.

Usually you will see cheating in high priced items where it's worth to do cheating.!!

No one is going to do cheating in 1961 USA Gandhi stamps because it was printed in lot and also government is also very strict if someone complains about this kind of cheating or cheated by someone.!!

Recently I saw a 1992 India stamp of Bird  which was withdraw and very very less quantity available in the market was sold for $1500 on eBay by "kemiflygirl113"

So what are chance of this stamp forgery selling as Genuine. ? 

Seller did not mentioned about any forgery or replica stamps so buyer might think it's genuine ERROR stamp.!!

In past I wrote about blog post about "King George V and King Edward stamps from British India : What are chances of getting a FORGED stamps.? which also has how collector are cheated by selling REPLICA stamp as Genuine stamp.


Also Expertizing certificate from famous philatelic society are also FORGED.!!

Read following blog post to understand what's going in Indian stamps and Philately as well as British India Philately of King George stamps, King Edward stamps etc and you will get idea about this Bird stamp from India.




 So what do you think about this India Bird stamp or India Bird Prey error stamps?

Is it Genuine or Forgery ?

It's up to you to decide as you will be spending your own money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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