Postal History Indian Philately India Stamps : Cheating in Indian stamp collection ? - Part 2

Hello Philatelist,

Last week I wrote about Postal History : Cheating in Indian Stamp collection. Click following link to read it.


We all know when there is scarcity or expensive items people will try to make forgery and make money. As a Gandhi philatelist we need to see what's going on in different thematic collection and think what are chances or possibilities in Gandhi Philately as well.

This is happening in Postal history of British India Philately and British India stamps because it's very hard to find out more details because it has been 100+ years with King George stamps, King Edward Stamps, Queen Victoria Stamps and First Aerial Mail.!!

F0RGERY of 1911 First Aerial Post (rubber stamp) with Red ink.!!!
Chances of correct ink cover might be in Museum or selling on eBay!!
Also this is in Postal History in Indian Philately also in Indian Stamps such as Mahatma Gandhi 1948 stamps from India as well as in other misprint and errors such as Bird Prey stamps

It's not only in Indian stamps or Indian philately material, it's a universal law in each and every expensive item.!!! Look at the ladies purses like Coach, Burberry etc from China.!! Forget about leather goods, how about forged Rado/Rolex watches.!! You get this at 1/10 price or even lesser and sells as forgery and it's sells in under table hidden from law and authority, because original are sold in authorized stores only.

But in Postal History or Indian Philately it's different. Instead of getting cheaper it's selling at high price.!! Here it's selling as original as rare postal history of Indian Philately or India stamps, which are sold openly instead of under table.!!

They look little different with very minor issue and sometimes it looks genuine depending on who is wearing it or have it.

If rich person wear forged item, it looks like genuine.!!!

I think same is the case for philatelic material because if some well known collector exhibit forgery or bogus (does not exist) in their stamp exhibition then no one will question.!! Also chance of winning a medal will be very high because it's from well known exhibitor.!!

By exhibiting and winning medal the forged or bogus philatelic material will be glorified, and new collector will try to do buy it so they can also collect something like that.!!

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately as postal history or event covers, which are nothing but glorified by some way or other and even won medal with it.!!

Yes Stamp Exhibition MEDAL with Forgery or BOGUS.!!

We all know what kind of forgery is available or sold on eBay and other auction houses. But if you are not aware of things then chances of getting cheated is very very high.

Read my blog post about following BOGUS or FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

My personal opinion is that when any expensive philatelic item from India there are more chances of forgery. Also it's not only India philatelic material but any expensive postal history or event cover philatelic material.!!


Recently I saw British India stamp of King Edward on 1911 First Aerial mail  from Allahabad, which was sold on August 19th on eBay from seller "blue_guy_1234".

But after looking it and comparing with First Aerial Mail cover from Allahabad I found it has lot of issue before we even consider Genuine.

1) Insufficient postage for register cover. It should have 9 annas stamp (1 anna for postage and 8 annas for registration) this cover only has 4 annas postage stamp.!!

Do you think this is possible?

http://peterjennings.co.uk/articles/aerialpost.pdf (Click this link to understand first aerial)

2) No address on envelope.  How it will reach to it's destination.

Do you even think registration mail will reach to address.?
I don't think so without address it will not reach it as post office will not even accept it.

Do you think it's Register envelope is genuine?
What are chance of applying register label this afterwards or completely forgery.!!

Description is as follow :

" First Flight in the world, Allahabad-Naini 1911 cover being offered. Cover was mailed to someone very important named Shapoorjee and is marked local. The cover bears registration etiquette on the reverse. Sharp cover in the best of condition.

A cover from the same flight recently fetched $1526. The Ebay item is: 251306249383 "

I wrote about that $1526 First Aerial Post in my previous blog post which has also similar issue!!. You can click following link to read and understand about this


So now what do you think of this Indian Philatelic material of  FIRST AERIAL MAIL from Allahabad, India which has King Edward India stamp.

Will you pay $1500 for this kind of paper.!! where you need to make sure lot of things and even seen forgery cancellation.!!

It's your money so you have to decide, whether it's genuine or forgery or bogus.

BTW : I am not philatelic expert, but I can think all kind of possibilities I can do it to cheat others and apply my knowledge and experience, so I stay away from all Indian expensive philatelic material because chance of getting CHEATED is very high.!!

Now think what can happen in Gandhi Philately.?

Gandhi stamps club.

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