Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

After finding incorrect information in Gandhi Handbook, I was more curious about this Gandhi Handbook more than ever.

You can read my blog post about Philatelic Gandhi handbook by clicking following link to understand about this Philatelic handbook blog.

Not only that now everyone needs to look at other Philatelic handbook in similar way because chances are higher of forgery or Bogus philatelic material might have enter in philatelic book because any philatelist can give their material to philatelic handbook publisher in order to glorify.

There is no way author can verify the authenticity of all the philatelic material as it will be very very difficult to get information about certain material as this might be BOGUS since begin with and it might be glorified years ago.

Also I found out that my write up in blog and Gandhi Handbook differs in lot of philatelic material.!! So I am not sure who is right and who is wrong.

I am not here trying to prove right or wrong, but my only goal or aim is to educate if any new stamp collectors who are trying to collect stamps and philatelic material so they know where they are jumping.!!

Any ways there are very few new stamp collectors are jumping in this stamp collection because it's does not make sense in this current high tech world with all kinds of technology available such as internet, video games, online social media such as facebook, twitter etc and there is very less time for new generation to do this 150 year old hobby.

I have this Gandhi philatelic handbook with me for 3+ years but it never motivated me to read in depth because it has nothing but photographs/images without any detail description, but now I am reading it.

I had no intention to buy this book 3+ years ago, but on advice of one of the famous Gandhi collector I bought it and now I regret it because according to me it's nothing but glorification of Gandhi stamps and to me some of philatelic material does not make sense.

So from that experience I never trusted philatelist advice, because they gave advice for their own benefit.!! It's hard to understand initially but eventually I figured it out.

They divert me to look in to this Gandhi Philatelic handbook and try to buy some of the BOGUS philatelic material. 

This was not first time a Gandhi Philatelist (stamp dealer/seller) who try to cheat me.!! Previously other Gandhi stamp collector try to increase price on which I was bidding it.!! Read following blog post to understand one of the CHEATING method in Gandhi philately as well as might be in other philatelic collection.

In this Gandhi Handbook there is information about Mali 1978 Gandhi First Day cover, stamp and Imperf stamps. 

Following is image from Gandhi Handbook about Mali Gandhi stamps which cover more about Imperf stamps than regular stamp and first day cover.!! 

In past I had wrote about this Mali Gandhi first day cancellation as Forgery on Maximum card, because it does not make sense when you compare it with other Mali first day cover. Also it differs from 1969 Gandhi First day cover from Mali. 

So this Gandhi Handbook does not have information about about both type of cancellation and it will be very hard to find out which is Genuine and which one is forged.!!

Or both are forged.!! As I cannot go back and trace information about 35+ years ago.!! I have to depend on philatelist or some kind of magazine. Also Mali is small country in Africa and you all know what's happening there.!!

In past I claimed following left hand cancellation FORGED or BOGUS where as other two as genuine.!!

Following is my blog post where  I mentioned one of this cancellation as forgery on Gandhi Max card. 

From following two images can you tell me which is genuine and which is forgery or both are genuine or both are forged.!!

According to me right hand side and center one is GENUINE and other on left side is FORGERY/BOGUS.

I am not sure where to do research because there is incomplete information in Gandhi Handbook where one of the first day cover is missing and I proclaimed that as a genuine when I compared with 1969 Mali Gandhi first day cover.

Any reference book such as encyclopedia, dictionary , handbook etc were general people look for more research, but when this reference books are incorrect then it's very hard to trust that material.

There is no way to find information from Mali government or Mali philatelist because in 1969 it was very  hard to contact and  communicate like I did for BOGUS Germany 2009 Gandhi special cancellation on personal/customized stamp from Winneden Germany.!!

Also chance of archival of any data from Mali government will be impossible.

We all know how easy is to make rubber stamp and apply on cover or piece of paper.!! Following are some of them.!!

Read and compare my following blog post about  BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

All of the above are BOGUS or FORGED or possible Bogus or Forged rubber stamps applied on piece of paper or envelope.!!

So which is genuine cancellation on Mali Gandhi FDC and which is forgery or both are forgery.!! ?

Let me know if you have any information about Gandhi Mali 1978 first day cover so I can update my blog after throughly verification of information provider.

Would you trust Gandhi Handbook for your collection ?

My personal opinion is " I don't trust Gandhi Handbook" because it don't have enough written information about philatelic material mentioned in the book as chances of Bogus and Forgery material might have been published unknowingly.

Don't you think it's very complicated to collect stamps and philatelic material.!!

Philatelic Handbook can be trusted ? 

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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