Bermuda KG VI stamps - King George stamps

 Hello Stamp Collectors,

We all know what precise quality is made in forgery stamps which will be very hard to identify because there are very rare to compare with so you will think forgery as genuine itself.!!

Following is  King George stamp but it is replica and if seller don't mention it then you will think it as genuine without a doubt.

So what are chances of this stamp sold as Mint stamp or what are chances this stamp is selling used stamps after applying forged rubber stamp or what are chances this stamps selling on used register cover or piece of paper.!!

I think that's the only use of this kind of replica or facsimile or forgery stamps as no one like to collect FORGERY.!!

Now if you see following set of King George stamps aka KG stamps which are selling as genuine by eBay seller "dkkphila". There is no way you can tell forgery if you don't know what is going in stamp collection.

Read following blog post about REPLICA, COPY, FACSIMILE etc British India King George stamps or KG VI stamps which are or can be selling as genuine and it will be even hard to believe that it's not genuine stamps.

. . . . there are many read all my blog post and prevent yourself from getting CHEATED.!!

There are very rare quantity or almost to nothing available as mint stamps as it takes lot of money to invest in 1900 for stamps and it will be only with elite collectors which usually don't sell it.

It's a common practice to sell replica stamps or facsimile stamps as genuine for any MINT stamps of King George stamps (KG V stamps) or King Edward stamps (KED stamsp)  or Queen Victoria stamps (QV stamps)  and 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees stamps from India.

Now compare above stamps of KG stamps of 10 shillings and you decide what are chances that some higher value forgery stamps are mixed with this lot.

Yes KG replica stamp is selling only for $3.

So what do you think about following Bermuda KG VI stamps from eBay seller "dkkphila" for $260? I think this is rip-off price because stamp hobby itself is declining.!!

My personal opinion is it's forgery stamps (facsimile or replica stamps) or some stamps might be mix with genuine!!

But it's your money and you need to decide after reading my above mentioned blog post as your opinion counts not mine, because it's your hard earned money and you don't want to rip-off !!

Also think stamp hobby is declining more than anything in the world so BEWARE what you jumping into.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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