British India stamp value : Are British India stamps forgeries ?

What are chances of getting REPLICA stamp as genuine stamp in this British India stamp collection for thematic collection of King Edward stamp.

Yes, I got this kind of Replica stamps after paying high price in my Gandhi collection.!! But at that time I was not aware of this kind of things.!!


Yes I am screwed.!! But now I can bring awareness in collector community as well as new upcoming collectors that stay away if you are not going to handle this kind of activity.!!

It all glorified that stamps are for INVESTMENT and Indian and Chinese are collecting stamps as alternate investment.!!

But what I notice in last 4 years that most Forgeries happened in Indian and Chinese stamp only.!!

Following are some of the British India stamp of King Edward issued in 1902 with high original value.

What do I mean by REPLICA ?

Replica is stamp which  are reprinted using modern printing technology which are sold as Replica for very cheap price so collectors can have it in their collection so they have to pay very high price. It's nothing but Piece of Paper.!!

But what are chance of having bought this Replica as Genuine.!!!

Yes there are lot of chances of getting this Replica as Genuine stamps and paying high price for just piece of paper.!!

Following British India stamp were sold for $2472 from Taiwan eBay seller "tw123tw" and paid by  USA buyer "iphilately2008"

This kind of selling is very good for eBay shareholder like me.!! as eBay will get good commission on this sell as well as from PayPal.!!

And in future USA government will get Income tax and state tax when it is sold !! So it will help USA government also.!!

Following are some REPLICA stamps available of King Edward and now if you compare most of them are very very high valued stamps such as 50 pounds, 20 pounds etc.

So chances of this British India stamps forgeries are also very high.!!

So Beware!! Do you see any difference if seller don't mention it as Replica.!!

It's not only in King Edward stamp but it is also in Gandhi stamps where higher value stamp of 1948 is available in Replicas only.

Also chance os this replica used on cover or used stamps of 10 Rupees Gandhi is nothing but forgeries applied with Rubber stamps.!!

So think when you buy it.

Why I suspect of getting Replica stamps because there are not that many available for high value stamps.

Let's take 25 Rupees stamp value of King Edward issued in 1902.

25 Rupees was lot of money in 1902 and very elite people can afford at that time.!!

So in past 4 years I had seen more than 50+ selling on eBay.!! Do you think this many Mint stamps were with collectors at that time and after 100+ years do you think it is still in good quality.!! It's a piece of paper printed with color ink.!!

Keeping Mint stamp means it is only for investment.!! And after 2 world wars and lot of things changed in 100+ years do you think it is possible.

So what do you think about British India stamp value? 
Chances are it's highly inflated and glorified with all kind of ILLEGAL bidding practice such as SHILL BIDDING, Not paying to buyer etc.

So what do you think about  British India stamps as forgeries ? 
Chances are very high because it's easy to print and make money.!! And we had seen in this Gandhi stamps as well as British India stamps or King George stamps, King Edward stamps etc.

Let me make sure that I am not saying it's FORGERY at all.

It's up to you to decide.!!

Because it's your money.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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