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Hello stamps collector,

Recently I saw following on eBay auction of King Edward stamp from eBay seller "tw123tw" from Taiwan which was sold for $1360 and was bought by "bemortensen2012" with feedback of 401 from Denmark.!!

Do you really think that this was actually sold at this price.!!

But what surprise me was following which was written on eBay auction selling page.!! You can see this on following screenshot.

"Currently one Gandhi Blog Mentioning that i am selling fake or forgery items of india Pre independence & Great Britain stamps , i gaurantee all the items i am selling are 100% Genuine & with Genuine Watermark, Check My Feedback & Previously Sold items . i have Serious doubt on his eye vision ."

I was surprised that one of Gandhi Blog is affecting his selling!! But let me make sure that I am not expert and I don't give any expertising certification!!

But as you know that this Expertising certification are also FORGED.!!

I never mentioned that this seller is selling FAKE or Forged stamps. Following are blog post related to "tw123tw"

As you know I only compare with other King Edward stamps available as Replica, Copy, Facsimile etc and let buyer decide whether is genuine or Forgery or BOGUS.!!

Also if you see worldwide what kind of forgery is available in everything such as leather purses from Coach or Burberry or Gucci than printing this kind of stamps with modern printing technology is peace of cake.!!

Forget about forged ladies purses, there are even forged watches of Rado or Rolex are available with all kinds of multiple different mechanical parts involved.!! It's very hard to find out which one is genuine and which is forged if they are next to each other.

So this kind of stamps are very easy to print and sell and no one will complain or do investigate as this kind of stamps are very old and it's printed by government and you know.!!

And I just let my blog reader to decide what are the CHANCE of getting this kind of King  Edward as well as King George or British India stamps forgery stamps.!!

This stamp of India K ED 25 Rs. was sold for $1360 by "tw123tw"!! Yes India King Edward stamp was sold for $1360.

So what are chances of this stamp is REPLICA or COPY stamps instead of genuine.?

What.!! Yes chances of getting this are very high because on ebay this kind of REPLICA stamps is available in large quantity.

Also chances of seeing scan of genuine stamps and getting forgery stamps are also very very high.!!!

This item was bought by "bemortensen2012" with feedback of 401 from Denmark.!! Lot of money spend on this kind of item as well as buyer is buying lot of stamp related item.!!(click this link to see)

But it's good for eBay share holder as they get good commission on this kind of transaction.!! ( I am one of the eBay shareholder.!!, so I need to make sure about what my company is doing.!!)

Following are Gandhi 1948 Replica stamps. So what are chances of this stamp ending up on used covers or used stamps by applying rubber stamps.!!

Or what are chances of this stamp end up as Mint stamp without gum or white gum (you can apply gum also.!!).

You have to decide what are chance of this kind of REPLICA India K ED 25 Rs. stamp is also available.!!

Some of the K ED stamps (King Edward stamps) selling on eBay as Royal Replica and it's selling under $10. But you can buy it and sell it for $100 - $200,000 or more !!

It's very hard to make difference between replica stamps and real.!!

Chances are this might be sold as Genuine stamps or rare used stamps on some kind of envelope with unique mail or cancellation.!! or might be from rare airplane disaster or paquebot or seapost mail etc.

Or might be used on envelope send to British Empire or King or Prime Minister of Nepal etc.!!

And what are chances that this REPLICA selling on eBay or anywhere else. So think before you buy.!!

I think chances are more if you are not aware of all this kind of activity then you will be in big trouble.!!

So now all readers of this blog, do you have doubt about on my vision ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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