King Edward K ED stamps - Queen Victoria QV stamps - King George KGV stamps


Recently I saw stamps of King Edward ( K ED stamps), Queen Victoria (QV stamps) and King George KGV stamps.

To me it looks like questionable, because if you clearly you can see it has perforation issue.

There are forgery widely available in all BRITISH INDIA stamps of King George stamps KGV stamps, King Edward stamps K ED stamps, Queen Victoria stamps QV stamps so beware what you are collecting otherwise you will have some piece of paper. I can tell that it's ONLY Forgery are available.!

This is not first time I am seeing this,  but in past also I had seen seller selling as facsimile or copy or forgery, but here eBay seller from taiwan "tw123tw" does not mention anything about it.!! So it's very hard to find out it's Genuine or FORGERY.!!

In past we saw Replica or Facsimile or copy of this K ED stamps, QV stamps and KG stamps of British India stamps. You can read that by clicking following link.

After reading above blog post you will change your mind from questionable to FORGERY.!!

But he is also selling some Gandhi philatelic material also for $6300.!!

This Gandhi item has one official first day cover and first day cancel on piece of paper and three 10 Rupees Gandhi used stamps and one block of four 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.!!

Do you think $6300 is good price for this kind of material or it's cheap!! ?

Needs to investigate whether it's Genuine or Forgery  not only stamps but also first day cancellation because we had seen all kind of different FORGERY and  BOGUS in Gandhi stamps and philatelic materials.

Click following link to read more about Forgery and BOGUS 1948 "Jai Hind" special cancellation issued on 15th August as first day cancel for Gandhi stamps.


Gandhi stamps club.

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