Suriname stamps First Day Cover

Hello Gandhi philatelist,

Recently I saw Suriname stamp of Gandhi FDC sold by "postalinter" for $10 and   by "mijo7570" for $7 each ($21 for 3).

To me buyer paid very high price for this kind of first day cover from Suriname. 

What I learned in 4 years in this Gandhi Philately hobby is that there is nothing rare or hard to find stuff and if they are hard to find or rare than it's FORGERY!!.

 Gandhi philately is  glorified by so some dealers and collectors to get richer by making new collector to think to INVEST in stamps.!! 

In 4 years I saw that Gandhi stamps and philatelic price as falsely INFLATED by shill bidding, not paying to seller or very high starting price.!!

If you see following screenshot you will surprised that 14 & 19 Suriname FDC covers were sold for only $5.50 & $10.50.!! which indicates that buyer only paid 40- 55cents per first day cover.!!

Now if you see following screenshot you will be surprised by looking at price this Suriname stamps first day cover were sold.

It's somewhere between 20 cents to $1.!!  As you notice that there is very wide range of cachet applied on that in 1969 as well as you can apply different cachet on plain fdc any time.!!

So now what you think about the Suriname first day cover sold for $10 each or $21 for 3.!!

Do you think this were genuine or legit transaction ?

What do I mean by legit transaction ?

Because sometimes seller himself/herself bid on his/her own item.!!! which is known as SHILL bidding or sometimes friends help them out to increase the price as they know id of their friend.!!

Also sometimes buyer will not pay to seller.!! In this way price will be increased and other new collector will think that it really sold for that price and will try to buy it cheaper than that when they get second chance offer.!!!

So what do you think about pricing of this Suriname Gandhi stamps first day cover ?

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