Ghandi stamp

Hello Ghandi stamp collectors,

In 1995 India and South Africa jointly issued Ghandi se-tentant stamp. Recently this miniature sheet was sold for $1 (55 Rupees) which is great ROI if you consider 8 Rupees invested in 1995 which is 6 times on investment.!

But if you see some of the selling price for this stamp sheet it will show you how Ghandi stamp is inflated.!!

It's selling for 500 Rupees, which is selling 70 times of face value.!! Do you really think this is worth that much.!! ?

I don't think so as there was very large quantity(multiples as per your requirement) available.!!

If you pay high price for Gandhi stamps than you will regret and start hating Gandhi stamp collection, and chance are you will also QUIT collecting.!!

Read following blog post WHY you will QUIT collecting Gandhi stamps.!!

Look at the QUANTITY available which is selling  for $10 -$14. Does it makes sense.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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