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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In 1948 to celebrate 1st Anniversary of Indian Independence, India issued 4 stamps of Mahatma Gandhi. I notice that there are lot of used cover still available after 65+ years with Indian stamps of Mahatma Gandhi issued in 1948. 

Not sure why we only see this Indian stamp of Gandhi on USED cover or Register cover.!! In last 4 years I had seen more than 5000+ different Gandhi cover with Indian stamp of 1948.

Also if you see combination of Gandhi and King George stamps are also available in large quantity. When it comes with different combo of British India King George stamps with Gandhi 1948 India stamps or 1947 Indian flag stamp with Indian stamp of Gandhi, chances of FORGERY or BOGUS is very HIGH.!! I think chances of getting forgery is 99.99%.!!

Not sure why we don't see USED covers with other 3 stamps issued in 1947 which were issued before Gandhi stamps and lot more stamps after 1948.!!

Do you think Gandhi used or register cover are GENUINE ? 

Gandhi stamps are popular so that are chances that we are seeing lot of used covers with that stamps because of it's demand.!!

What I mean to say is that because of Gandhi stamp is Glorified by SHILL bidding, false bids or not paying seller after winning or by writing it on various blogs, website, philatelic hand books, philatelic magazine, Philatelic yearbook, stamps forum etc.

Don't you think it's easy to create forgery used cover by just applying rubber stamp which can be made easily.!!

Following are some example of Indian stamps in  combination with British India stamps of King George.!!

You can see King George stamps with Gandhi stamps used on covers.!!

Following are some example of KGV stamps with Gandhi stamps on Indian stationary.

To me it looks very scary when you collect Gandhi philatelic material because of all kind of FORGERY, BOGUS and INFLATED pricing by SHILL bidding, not paying to sellers to Glorify Gandhi Indian stamps of 1948.

So what do you think about above USED covers with King George Stamps and Gandhi stamps ?

Are they really GENUINE used covers or just DIY (Do It Yourself) cover by making forged rubber stamp which will easy to make than special cancellation.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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