Pondicherry French India stamp

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw India used abroad from Pondicherry which was a French colony even after India got Independence.

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of rubber stamp or someone might have this kind of rubber stamp and is passed to next generation or it might be completely BOGUS to begin with.!!

Above is example of India used abroad with 1948 Gandhi stamp from India as well as King George stamps with cancellation in 1949 from Pondicherry.

I am not sure whether this Genuine or Forgery ?

Reason why I am thinking is that this cover don't have cancellation from receiving post office.!! So not sure whether this was actually went through postal stream.!!

Also in past we had seen lot of FORGED rubber stamp applied on Gandhi stamps to make more money.!!!

And because of this reason I lost interest in USED covers with exotic location.!! Such as Pondicherry, Tibet, Nepal, Penang straits and all used abroad stamps because it's all fanasty.!!

It was  only sold for $49.!! Even though it's unique combination of British India and India stamps, Cancellation from French India on British India and India stamps which was held by France until 1962.

Do you think this possible or just forgery or Bogus?

India 1948 Mahatma Gandhi Mourning Issue 12a + India KGVI 6a both tied at the back of the cover with Boxed Slogan Cancellation 'MOVE WITH THE TIME - USE AIR MAIL' from France Colony French Occupation in India PONDICHERRY / PONDICHERY to Washington USA....

Fine India Used Abroad Cover..

Few horizontal creases seen only on the high resolution scaned images...

Superb postal history. As shown in scan.

In past we all had seen some unbelievable price for this kind of used abroad stamp. But there are also chances of SHILL bidding or non paying buyer just to glorify Gandhi stamps.

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