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Recently I saw 1969 Gandhi FDC from Malta and looks like now Gandhi stamp collection is also declining.!!!

Look at the following screenshot and you decide what's going on and after that move your plan for stamp collecting.!!!

If you don't keep current trends and blindly start beleiving all this investment advisior or some greedy collector who will suck your money.!!!

Also don't look at all that website that try to glorify stamp collection by exhibiting Forged or Bogus philatelic material which are mentioned as very RARE or unique stamp or used cover or special cancellation.!!!

Don't look at all award winning stamp exhibition or online exhibit and think that they really collectible item, because everyone is involved including stamp collectors, philatelic judges etc. Because everyone wants to keep the relationship and no one has guts to speak out TRUTH even though some of them collect Gandhi stamps but don't follow his principle.!! "TRUTH IS GOD".!!

All this collectors are making living by false or incorrect information on newsletter, stamp boards, stamps forum, blogs, websites, stamps yearbook, philatelic handbook etc.

Their main goal is to involved also you in all kinds of cheating so they can prosper.!!!

Of course there are some genuine collectors but it's very hard to find.!!! But it will be very hard to trust them even what you experienced with other collectors.!!

Also all description on eBay or feedback is nothing but lie.!! It's all about Shill Bidding by using other eBay id or friends helping each other.!!!

This 3 FDC were sold for $1.68.!!! including Mahatma Gandhi stamp and cachet of Gandhi's image and Flag of India.!!

Even there were 2 bidders bidding on it but no one wants to pay higher to buy it.!!!

So even after 44+ years stamp collection value is not appreciating because no one wants to collect stamps.!!!!

Want to learn more about stamp collecting then read my some of the following blog and you will be expert in collecting.!! ( find out how to cheat in stamp collection.).


Philatelic Game.!!

Stamp Collection Decline.!!

COURVOISIER STAMPS FOLDER : 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India

Rare Stamps - Million Rupees stamp booklet or folder.!!

Indian Philately EXPOSED!!

Is Gandhi stamps all about Forgery ? Biggest SCAM in stamp collection ?

A stamp collecting hobby in decline.!!

Greatest Stamp Collection SCANDAL ?

You need to special careful when collecting following philatelic material

1) Gandhi stamps and philatelic material.
2) King George stamps
3) King Edward stamps
4) First Aerial Mail or First Aerial Post or First Air Mail cover
5) China stamps
6) Queen Victoria stamps.

In short my advice for investment or collection will be look some where else instead of stamps, because it's very easy to make forgery stamps using latest and greatest printing technology available to normal collector.!!

Also to create postmark or cancellation is also very easy and it will very hard to find out what was available in 1948 or 1930 or 1902 or 18XX.

It's a piece of paper.!!

I hope all the above blog post helps you in finding out stamp collecting facts or stamp collection facts.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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