Shill bidding is the act of bidding on your own auction against other bidders in order to raise the price at which your item will eventually sell. It is a violation of both eBay rules and federal law.

We all know that price of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material is increased by Shill Bidding all the time.

It would impossible to even sell mint Gandhi stamps and in order to show it's valued it's need shill bidding.!!

All 1948 Gandhi stamps, 1948 Gandhi stamps first day cover, 1948 Used cover are always shill bidded.!! Panama Gandhi stamp is also shill bidded.!!

Also Shill bidding happens when there is forgery or bogus (never exist) philatelic material in order to glorified Gandhi stamps philatelic material so others will think it's one of a kind, rare, unique etc.!!!

Also some time dealers ( kind of collectors) want to increase value of their stamps they also increase price which is not shill bidding but still they will benefit, but sometime they don't pay after winning it.!!!

Read following blog post and understand what's happening in Gandhi stamps and if you are not Gandhi stamp collector there are chances of this happening in your thematic collection also.!!

Philatelic Fakes and Forgeries!!

Stamp Collection Cheating !!

The Greatest Scandal in Stamp Collection.!!

False Hopes of Riches - 1948 Gandhi Stamps !!

Gandhi SERVICE stamps

How 1948 Gandhi stamps are sold ?

Now let's see SHILL bidding caught on delcampe.!!

Following is example of SHILL Bidding on Gandhi stamps.!!

Seller : Kad_ss
Buyer : Dkkphila

Look at the feedback "buy only if you want to honor the deal"!! This feedback was given because other bidder will think both are different.!!!!

You might be wondering how you know this.!! I bought some of my worst quality philatelic material from "dkkphila" at very high price (fixed) from him and did more research about this seller and I found lot of interesting things about him and learn lot of things illegal things going on eBay.!!!

Don't think "dkkphila" has only one ("kad_ss" more account.!! He has multiple account.!!

I was new in collection and don't know value and I paid high price.!!

So I started writing about my experience including pricing, illegal activities etc in Gandhi stamps.

If you see all the price of Gandhi stamps are artifically inflated with multiple bidders and they are waiting for someone unknown to bid it after that.!!!

Once they know someone notice about this they stop using that account and create new one.!!!

Read following blog post related to shill bidding.!!


India stamps and Shill Bidding.?

So don't believe on price it sold or feedback as all is FAKE in order to make you believe it's a collectible item.!!

You all know that I am fan of saving screen shot of Gandhi Philatelic item sold on Ebay (more than 1500 so far in my collection!!).

Let's see how Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold 2 years ago. This screen shot helps me lot in collecting Gandhi Philately so I thought let me share with all of you. In order to understand this you need to read my 10-15 blog posts so you will know what I am talking about.

One auction is from USA and other is from UK. It's a global network.!! Not sure were income tax, sales tax, VAT tax etc are paid.!!

========================First Auction=================
Auction ends:- Feb 19 2009.
Seller:- bpp14
Buyer:- 3***n (898) ("manali283")
Price Sold :- 116.50 US $
Other bidders:- o***o(335) and  k***_(826)

=====================END 1st Auction =====================

Now let's see how 2nd auction Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold :-

==================== Auction 2nd =======================

Auction ends:- Jan 20 2009.
Seller:- theobargain
Buyer:- kad_ss(826)
Price Sold :- 107 US $ (77 GBP)
Other bidders:- UK listing so cannot see. But there were total 4 bidders.

================= 2nd Auction Ends ====================================

If you don't understand what I am trying to explain here then please let me know. Only thing here is to see who is SELLER and BUYER.!!

Look at the following screenshot and you decide what is happening.


Want to know more about Philatelic FAKE and FORGERY then click following link and read about it and you will find some common bidders.


Also would you like to see more of this screen shot about pricing and buyer and seller?

I bet this is also happening in other philatelic collection because I see same seller and bidders bidding on items of First Aerial Mail, British India stamps of King Edward or King George etc.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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