Nepal Indian Embassy Mahatma Gandhi 1948 Cover (FDC) with 1.5 Anna Gandhi stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Today is 15th August which is Independence Day of India.  This day was not possible without  Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed his life to achieve this for all Indians.

I am rewriting this blog post which I published on May 16, 2011 as this blog post is related to 15th August 1948.

(Gandhi Collectors who don't have this cover or New collectors DON'T BUY Nepal India Indian Embassy Mahatma Gandhi 1948 cover (FDC) with 1.5 Anna stamp UNTIL YOU have research in detail about each and everything about this cover. I don't question postmark cancel from embassy but I questioned about this covers with 1.5 Anna stamp )

Think how 1948 Gandhi stamp reach to Nepal Embassy on First Day of issue.? There are lot of other cities which did not received this stamps whose people are more in philatelic.!!! How many of us have seen any kind of First day CDS from AHMEDABAD or Baroda or Rajkot.!!

BTW: Looks like seller is making his living in Nepal on all of us (USA, Germany, Norway etc). NEPAL 2010 GDP is $562. This seller already made more than 2000 dollars in just 2 years by selling this dirty cover which looks like commericial used without receiving postmark cancel. This is all because of us who bought this cover including myself.

I am not sure what are we all trying to prove here.

Last month Nepal India Indian Embassy Gandhi 1948 commemorative small value 1.5 Anna stamp on cover from Indian Embassy (Nepal) with comet postmark 15 Aug 1948 was sold for $158. Unbeliveable price.!!

BUYER is :

Second Offer buyer is:

Both buyer paid $155+ are from India(If nothing is FAKE!! This is Gandhi Philately.!!). Looks like India is really booming.!!

In last 2 years I saw around 10-12 similar FDC sold on ebay by only one seller "himphinu" from Nepal.

I bought this for $81 (including shipping) in June 2009, So comparing this with selling price of $158 my purchase is appreciating by 90-100% in 2 years. Not bad at all in this kind of economy where nothing is certain except Gandhi Philately.!!

As you know I do research on Gandhi philatelic items so I bid on some of Gandhi items again and again and because of this I got two second offer from this seller.!!!

In March 2010 I got second chance offer for $39 & in April 2011 I got it for $106. What a difference!!!!!!

(Second Chance Offer on Gandhi Philatelic material is another interesting Research topic on which I am working on.!!)

Looks interesting.!! Reason for getting this second offer is that seller don't know that I bidded with different id.!! Yes I do have multipe id.!!

Following screenshot will show you who made seller super RICH by buying this cover/FDC at what price and you will see some great Gandhi collectors and some questionable collectors!!!

Also some feedbacks are missing both by sellers and buyer.!! Also looks like some buyers are questionable.!!

Some of the covers sold for 200+ dollars are for 3 covers with 3 different Gandhi 1948 stamps.

After all this research for 2+ years on this FDC I think I & other paid very high price for this cover without knowing indepth details about this cover. Also there is no place to look about this.!!

I need help in following questions to find more details about this cover. If you know please comments on this blog post.

1) How many total FDC was issued from Indian Embassy Nepal??
2) Why only one person has this in lot? (this is not private comet postmark so there should be more).
3) Do anyone has proof that this are GENUINE cover?
4) Any record from Indian Goverment or Indian Embassy about this cover or Hira Singh?
5) Do anyone has this cover with 10 Rupees Stamps as I never saw one? Why? (It's embassy so there will be rich collector even 1948.!!)
6) Anyone has seen this cover with shipping address to other countries with CDS in back side?
7) Anyone has seen this cover with receving postmark cancel (CDS) in back from Nepal(receiving cds) ?
8) Any Register cover?

I think it makes more sense to buy  Philatelic material from Collector who has his name & address on the philatelic material because his/her name is involved in that kind of special cover/postcard etc. If we know who is Hira Singh then we can have little proof about it and we can get in confidence.

I had seen commerically used cover to USA with multiple stamps and embassy cancellation. So no issue with embassy cancellation. Only issue is cover without CDS in back and mailed to other countries and who is the creator of this.!!

Gandhi Collectors who don't have this or New collectors DON'T BUY THIS UNTIL YOU GET SUFFICIENT INFORMATION OF ABOVE QUESTIONS.

If you still need this cover then let me know I will give my cover which I purchased from same person to you at reasonable price (no profit no loss) so I can get rid from my collection and have peace of mind.!!

Want to read more about Nepal Gandhi Stamp usage then click following link.



BTW: Similiar is the case of Pondicherry FDC so keep your EYES open and Paypal closed.!!!

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