Believe IT or NOT price of regular used 1969 Mahatma Gandhi Germany stamp is unbelievable.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I can't believe it & I think you will not also believe it. I was suprised when I saw price of USED Germany 1969 Gandhi Stamp on ebay which was sold on April 22,2011 for US $7.26 plus shipping.
Also this stamp is not IMPERF or SPECIMEN.

I am not sure why buyer wants to pay this much price. Either he might be new in Gandhi collection OR ????????

Not sure why, but there is something strange/weird things are going on in Gandhi Philatelic World.!!

Yes this is for SINGLE Germany Gandhi USED stamp.!!

According to me this stamp might cost 5-10 cents as it is used. Germany issued very large quantity of this Gandhi Stamp so it is not rare. Even FDC of this stamps & Full sheet of 100 stamps don't cost this much.!!  Check following 1969 stamp sheet of 50 stamps sold for 5 Euros.!! and ebay buyer "vinro99"  is paying 7$ for one stamp.!!

You can find Germany FDC easily at very low price. Check following Germany Gandhi FDC which was sold for $3 on April 30, 2011.

Believe IT or NOT!! (Single Used stamp for $7.26 where as FDC with 2 stamps for $3.)

Welcome to Mahatma Gandhi's Philatelic World.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

BTW: Check price of Germany Gandhi stamps currently selling or recently sold on internet auction sites.

1) Germany Gandhi 1969 stamp currently available on Declampe for 4-10 cents only.!!

2) Germany Gandhi stamp recently sold on Delcampe for 8-10 cents & even FDC for 46 cents.!! YES 46 cents.!!



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