Making Money on eBay by selling stamps collection.

 Recently I saw Panama Gandhi stamps sold for $1 by eBay seller "cezaris.0457" from Lithuania.

We know Lithuania and other former soviet union countries are famous for making REPLICA stamp but also selling it at very low price so collector who don't have it then can be satisfied with replica.

But I know this replica stamps are also selling as GENUINE .!!

Do you think this Panama Gandhi stamp is REPLICA ?

Chances are very high as making money is everyone's motto !!!

It's nothing about stamp collection but how to make money by selling stamps on eBay.

This is one of the glorified Gandhi stamps and it's artificially created demand by hiding stamp by printer/dealer who sometimes work with government of smaller countries.

Panama stamp of Gandhi is one of the GLORIFIED stamp ( increase priced by illegal mean to make it famous.!!).

Following are some of the REPLICA stamps sold as genuine.!!

Now see some other eBay auction in past and you decide.

So what are chances of this Replica stamp selling as Mint or used stamp with forged rubber stamp?

I think REPLICA is way to go to make lot of money.!! Buy for $7 and sell for $2000 or $1750 or $800 or $200 buy using fake rubber stamp.!

But when you look at  eBay you see this British India stamp of King Edward selling in large quantity and I was surprised how this many stamps are available.

After going through all the images and going back my blog post I think some of them are not genuine stamps but it's FACSIMILE stamps which are nothing but forgery stamps of India 25 RS stamp issued in 1902 of King Edward stamp.

This King Edward KEVII 25 R stamp  is  SG 147 stamp in Stanley Gibbons and SC 76 in Scott Catalog.

It will be very hard to find mint stamp of India 1902 King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 Rupees  because it was lot of money in 1902. 

99.99% of stamp collectors during that time cannot even seen that much money together.!! Also 99% King Edward collectors might not even seen GENUINE stamp in their life time because all you see is FORGERY in auction houses.

But this is good for eBay shareholders as they will get good commission on this sale from eBay/PayPal fees ($700-800 for following 9 transaction) if this are all genuine transaction.!! 

But you can't believe this pricing as chances of Shill Bidding, Fake Bidding, Buyer don't pay to seller, Seller and Buyer open case to cancel purchases etc.

In past I wrote about all kind of FORGERY, BOGUS in India 25 RS stamp - 1902 King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147 SC 76 stamps.

Click to read it.

Following are some of the sold stamps on eBay in last 3-4 months. Now think how many might be sold in last 5 years.!!! (more than 300.!!).

Seller                                   Price Sold 

Anjulin                                   $2000
pristinephilateic                      $1750
s_faria                                      $800(appr)
bygonesofbridlingt                  $618
worldstamp22                          $504
collstamps                                $498
filer3rd                                     $435
beattle123                                $295
bcsomani                                  $175

So what do you think about this India 25 RS stamp isueed in 1902 of King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147 stamps ?

If you want to buy REPLICA or FACSIMILE from "ma-collectorshop" then click following link and you will find lot of RARE stamps. Why buy it have high price just buy it directly from him/her and apply any forged rubber stamp.!!


Read following link to understand what's going in this Panama stamps.

Detail research of Panama stamp

In past 3 years this stamp was sold from $137 - $50, even though it's price in stamp catalog was 60 cents.!! Yes only 60 cents.!!

Not sure how buyer were buying it and dealers were selling it.!!

3-4 months ago stamp catalog increased it's value to $60 and stamp is selling for $22 and that also with 19 bids.!!

So not sure what's going on.!!

Not sure whether facsimile stamp has enter in the market for this stamp too or it's actual price.!!

As we all know that this Panama stamp is also one of the glorified stamp with all kinds of dirty tricks such as SHILL bidding, Not paying to seller after increasing price etc.

Also we had seen BOGUS (never exist) first day cover, and some of the used cover which looks nothing but suspicious of using rubber stamp on simple cover were sold for unbelievable price.!!

So what do you think about his $22 price for this MNH (mint never hinged) stamp.!!

Do you think facsimile or replica stamps are selling instead of genuine.?

As this is white stamp it's very easy to forged as they don't have to worry about center of stamps as well as border or margin on both side.

On Jan 27, I saw same Panama stamp MNH was sold for $108.!!!

On Feb 9th, I saw another Panama stamp MNH sold for $52 with 3 bids on it.

So what do you think now!!

What is Right Price of Gandhi stamp.?

$22 or $108 or $52.!!

Or all 3 prices are wrong !!?

I think so.!!

It should not be more than $5 or $10.!!!

Then you might be thinking why it's selling for $22 or $108.!!

Welcome to Stamp collection !!


Now you will be thinking what is right price.

$21 or $46 or $52 or  $71 or $108 or $137.!!

Reason for this high price is

1) You don't need to pay if you win auction.!! if you are SHILL bidder.!!
2) If you are not SHILL bidder then also you don't have to pay if you just want to increase the price.!!

What you see is just glorified pricing, which are false hope of Riches.!!

Stay away from Gandhi stamps if you don't want surprises.!!

It's not INVESTMENT but it's a GAME.!!!


So now you know how to make money on eBay by selling stamps collection.!!

  • Shill bidding
  • Increase price by other stamp collectors friends.
  • Buyer don't pay after increasing price and winning it.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Stamp Expertising Certificate -

As in my previous blog post I expertise (ha ha.!!)  that there was nothing like 1948 Gandhi FDC from Indian Embassy of Nepal. 

It's all about making money.!!!

Anyone one can expertizing philately material or stamp. It's up to buyer to believe in it.!!!

If you don't know what is stamp expertising then click following link to read about it.

As I mentioned Gandhi stamp collection is nothing but TAKING your money (Making money on you). 

In order to make money you will see lot of BOGUS (never exist) philately material which are glorified by some collectors through online Gandhi stamp exhibit and various philatelic blog/ stamps websites/ yearbook/Gandhi Handbooks etc.

Even this bogus philatelic material are in to philatelic museums.!!

Now let's see why my expertising of this 1948 Gandhi FDC from Nepal Embassy is BOGUS (nothing like this issued or cancellation).

Reason for my expertisization is simple.

1) How/Why stamps reached to Nepal Indian Embassy on/before 15-Aug-1948 ? Any used cover on that date with register mail?

Also it was Sunday so not do you think Embassy was open ? If open do you think they were busy doing rubber stamping instead of celebrating first anniversary of Independence of India.!!

2) Why we don't see FDC with official Post and Telegraph  cachets  with Gandhi portrait, which we see commonly see on  1948 Gandhi Stamps FDC ? 

Also why no special commemorative first day cancellation from Nepal Indian Embassy ? if Pondicherry has one.!!! even though Pondicherry was part of French until 1954.!! Think if P&T can arrange stamps then they can arrange  commemorative Jai Hind cancellation as well as official first day cover.!!

But it's not hard they can do this too.!!  by buying some unused 1948 cover and making rubber stamp.!!

Any thing is possible in GANDHI stamps.!!

So this can apply to any stamp collection in world.!!!

It's all about making money.!!

Look at the asking price by eBay seller "alphaomegaphilately" . It's $5500.!!

It's an art of making money.!! 

My guess the stamps are also Forgery stamps (REPLICA or Facsmile) which are widely available under $5.!!!

So make rubber stamp of Indian Embassy of Nepal and affix forgery stamps on it  just make money.!!!

In past similar cover was sold for $4550.!! by eBay seller "drpokri"

Do you think eBay got commission from this transaction.?

If you bought eBay shares thinking this is real transaction and eBay/PayPal is getting lot of commission (approximately $300-$500)  on this kind of single transaction then you are fooled too.!!!

According to my guess (after looking what's going in Gandhi stamps selling) eBay even did not got a any commission as this was BOGUS trade.!!!

Bogus trade means 
  • seller might use other id to increase bid (Shill Bidding)
  • buyer might not have paid to seller (false glorification by showing high value).
  • other stamp collectors want to increase price of this.!!
  • friends or relative might have bid on this. (Shill Bidding).

So what do you think about my expertisation ?

Do you think my expertising is correct or false ?

BTW:- Stamp Expertising is also about making money.!!

Want to see other FAMOUS BOGUS Gandhi philatelic material and then you can confirm about Indian Embassy Nepal cancellation and Expertising.!!

1) 1948 Brazil special booklet with Emblem of India.




3) Germany 2009 Gandhi cancellation with Emblem of India.!!




So after looking 4 of the above blog post and images what do you think.!!

Does expertising of stamp make sense.!!

If you need expertising of any philately material just print one and claim as genuine.!!


(Disclosure :- Blog writer is eBay Share holder in personal as well retirement account).


Stamps of India - Allahabad

Recently I saw India 1948 Gandhi FDC from Allahabad which was sold for $75 from eBay seller "rohit98103"

It's very RARE as you will only see most of the FDC with BOMBAY cancellation.

According to me (you don't have believe me) this RARE means is nothing but BOGUS(never exist).

TO ME IT ALL 1948 Gandhi First Date  CANCELLATION from various cities ARE FORGERY OR BOGUS (except Bombay/Delhi/Chennai/Calcutta) BECAUSE OF DEMAND AND GLORIFICATION done by various online Gandhi stamp exhibit, Gandhi Stamp exhibition and stamp HANDBOOK which gives false information about stamp collection.


How can you get delivery CDS at back without address ?

Following is taken from previous blog post

Is Gandhi stamps all about FORGERY ?


Now let's compare above cancellation with other rubber stamp (cancellation) issued (or made).

Following will explain you why First Date Cancellation from various cities of India are BOGUS.


Do research yourself after looking all of the following special cancellation.  Look for following information and compare. 

1) G.P.O missing on Simla, Nagpur and Shillong. WHY ? ( Genuine or BOGUS or Forgery)
2) Alphabet type and size : Shillong, Delhi, New Delhi
3) Shapes of special cancellation (Madras)
4) Is it AUG or AUGUST.
5) Compare lines and size inside the cancellation
6) Compare Hindi languague alphabet "जय हिन्द"
7) All kinds of different things you can think and compare.!!

But there are more forgeries of this cancellation than any cancellation in stamp collection history.!!

You can see all following cancellation from different cities and try to be JUDGE yourself.!!

Calcutta cancellation is Forgery and Simla cancellation are both different.!!

Both SHILLONG cancellation looks different with HINDI alphabet "Jai Hind" and type & # of lines.

Compare above four cancellation from BOMBAY and check for # of lines, types of lines in center of special cancellation. (some has 7 and some has 8 and some don't make sense.!!)

Above two cancellation are from MADRAS. Only cancellation with "AUG".!! Also look at the difference between them in shapes. Also "." is missing.

Forgers have not only manufactured stamps for the philatelic market, they have added forged cancellations to those stamps.

Forged cancellations have also be applied to genuine stamps, in cases where the stamps are worth much more postally used. In addition, where rare cancellations are desired by collectors, those cancellations have also been forged.

Cancellations also may be used to prove that certain philatelic items are genuine. For example, forgers have fabricated many supposedly valuable postal covers by adding genuine stamps and forged postal markings to pre-stamp covers. (From Wikipedia)

Poona & Simla cancellation looks like BOGUS

Above two cancellation are from NAGPUR looks BOGUS. Look at the difference.

Kanpur & Patna cancellation with irregular alphabets and letters along with shapes

Delhi and New Delhi cancellation. Looks at  the difference.

Pondicherry was ruled by French India in 1948. Compare it with MADRAS which only has "AUG" where as Pondicherry has "AUGUST" even though they are very near.!!

Does ALLAHABAD & PATNA cancellation looks like GENUINE ?

In this forgery cancellation, it has been have push to collect cancellation from different post office in India.!!

So forger created for you cancellation from Simla, Patna, Allahabad, Poona, Nagpur, Kanpur, Pondicherry, Calcutta, Bombay and lot more hiding in someone collection.!!

So what do you think about Allahabad stamps ?

Also what do you think about online Gandhi stamp exhibit, Gandhi Stamp exhibition and stamp HANDBOOK. ?

Can you believe them ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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