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As in my previous blog post I expertise (ha ha.!!)  that there was nothing like 1948 Gandhi FDC from Indian Embassy of Nepal. 

It's all about making money.!!!

Anyone one can expertizing philately material or stamp. It's up to buyer to believe in it.!!!

If you don't know what is stamp expertising then click following link to read about it.

As I mentioned Gandhi stamp collection is nothing but TAKING your money (Making money on you). 

In order to make money you will see lot of BOGUS (never exist) philately material which are glorified by some collectors through online Gandhi stamp exhibit and various philatelic blog/ stamps websites/ yearbook/Gandhi Handbooks etc.

Even this bogus philatelic material are in to philatelic museums.!!

Now let's see why my expertising of this 1948 Gandhi FDC from Nepal Embassy is BOGUS (nothing like this issued or cancellation).

Reason for my expertisization is simple.

1) How/Why stamps reached to Nepal Indian Embassy on/before 15-Aug-1948 ? Any used cover on that date with register mail?

Also it was Sunday so not do you think Embassy was open ? If open do you think they were busy doing rubber stamping instead of celebrating first anniversary of Independence of India.!!

2) Why we don't see FDC with official Post and Telegraph  cachets  with Gandhi portrait, which we see commonly see on  1948 Gandhi Stamps FDC ? 

Also why no special commemorative first day cancellation from Nepal Indian Embassy ? if Pondicherry has one.!!! even though Pondicherry was part of French until 1954.!! Think if P&T can arrange stamps then they can arrange  commemorative Jai Hind cancellation as well as official first day cover.!!

But it's not hard they can do this too.!!  by buying some unused 1948 cover and making rubber stamp.!!

Any thing is possible in GANDHI stamps.!!

So this can apply to any stamp collection in world.!!!

It's all about making money.!!

Look at the asking price by eBay seller "alphaomegaphilately" . It's $5500.!!

It's an art of making money.!! 

My guess the stamps are also Forgery stamps (REPLICA or Facsmile) which are widely available under $5.!!!

So make rubber stamp of Indian Embassy of Nepal and affix forgery stamps on it  just make money.!!!

In past similar cover was sold for $4550.!! by eBay seller "drpokri"

Do you think eBay got commission from this transaction.?

If you bought eBay shares thinking this is real transaction and eBay/PayPal is getting lot of commission (approximately $300-$500)  on this kind of single transaction then you are fooled too.!!!

According to my guess (after looking what's going in Gandhi stamps selling) eBay even did not got a any commission as this was BOGUS trade.!!!

Bogus trade means 
  • seller might use other id to increase bid (Shill Bidding)
  • buyer might not have paid to seller (false glorification by showing high value).
  • other stamp collectors want to increase price of this.!!
  • friends or relative might have bid on this. (Shill Bidding).

So what do you think about my expertisation ?

Do you think my expertising is correct or false ?

BTW:- Stamp Expertising is also about making money.!!

Want to see other FAMOUS BOGUS Gandhi philatelic material and then you can confirm about Indian Embassy Nepal cancellation and Expertising.!!

1) 1948 Brazil special booklet with Emblem of India.




3) Germany 2009 Gandhi cancellation with Emblem of India.!!




So after looking 4 of the above blog post and images what do you think.!!

Does expertising of stamp make sense.!!

If you need expertising of any philately material just print one and claim as genuine.!!


(Disclosure :- Blog writer is eBay Share holder in personal as well retirement account).

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