1948 Gandhi FDC sold for $2856!! Do you think Gandhi Stamps and Philately is good for eBay Shareholders?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In March 1948 Gandhi FDC was sold from Los Altos, California  by seller "drpokiri" . This FDC was sold for $2856 !! not bad at all for investment of $1 in 1948.!! World wide philately hobby is declining but to me it's looks complete opposite in Gandhi Philately.

Do you think this FDC sold for higher price than usual.? or this is the correct price looking to what's going in Gandhi Stamps and Philately specially in 1948 Gandhi stamps.

Who cares ebay shareholder are getting richer by getting commission on this type of sale.

If you want to know buyer then check seller's feedback given to "Feedback Left for Others". But to make it easy I will do it for you. (This is why feedbacks are for. You need to make sure about everything when you are buying and selling on ebay and this is first thing you see.)

Match item # and amount so you know. Also you can make sure by feedback #. You can also make sure by clicking hidden id and comparing with other purchase and make sure it's correct. (Lot of work)

Checkout following screenshot for some of the expensive purchases in March 2012 by Gandhi Collectors and ebay sellers.

Looking to above screenshot it looks like eBay/Paypal shareholder is doing good with Gandhi Stamps and Philately(If all transaction was genuinely closed. i.e paid all money to sellers.!!). That means shareholders has to pay income tax (capital gain tax) too.

Everyone has to pay taxes including seller and ebay shareholders so whole country will do good.

What do you think? Is Gandhi Stamps and Philately is improving economy.?

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.


Disclosure:- I have ebay shares in my retirement account and not planning to sell in 72 hours.!!

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