India Stamps : Gandhi Stamps Khadi Indipex : Look where is pricing of Gandhi stamps after one year.!!! Another example of Collapse in Stamp collecting hobby.!!!

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In January I wrote blog post about Collapse in Stamp Collection and I think this blog post will further strengthen your view on that. If you don't have read my previous blog post about collapse in stamp collection then following is the link.


One year ago India issued 100,000 (One Lakh or Hundred thousand or 0.1 million) Gandhi stamp on  Khadi(Cotton Cloth) with presentation folder. It was sold only in presentation folder for 250 Rupees ($5 appr.) and actual stamp value is 100 Rupees ($2 appr.)

Recently this presenatation folder with khadi stamp (including presenatation folder) was  sold for under $3.50.!!

One year ago stamp collectors were eager to get this Khadi stamp in a presentation folder, thinking value of this stamp will increase tremendously like 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamp, but if you see current price of this folder then you will surprised that what's going in philately hobby. 

Following screenshot will give you idea what kind of hype was one year ago to get this stamp.


Now after one year it is selling under face value.!! for 2.20 UK Pounds ($3.49)

Do you think price of this folder will ever appreciate as there is huge quantity in stock with all collectors thinking that price of this stamp will appreciate like 1948  10 Rupees stamp.!!

Look at following screen shot and you can't beleive that 3 Gandhi Khadi Presentation folder with Khadi Stamp in a sheet sold only  $2.38, $3.17 and $3.49.!! where as face value of this was $5 in 2011.!!!

Recently I saw large quantity of this khadi stamp in presentation folder for sale for $6.!! Can't believe it.  Not sure whether it will still reduce but looking to world wide trend in stamp collection hobby and 100,000 khadi stamp issued I think chances are it will go BELOW face value by 20-40% because it will be smart to sell it at lower price and invest some other item where margin will be higher and quantity will be less.

Also you will see large quantity of this presentation folder is available for sale in wholesale (17 & 22 pieces).!! In past I had also seen 100 pieces for sale!!

Now you decide where value of this stamp will go.!!

What are your feelings about pricing of this MS + Presentation folder. 

After reading this blog post and looking to following screen shot of recently sold Gandhi stamps from Suriname, Morocco, Syria, Bhutan, Egypt and Grenada don't you think stamp collection hobby is already collapsed.!!

From above screenshot you can see Gandhi stamps are selling for under $1.!! after 40+ years. It looks like no one is interested.!!

No one is even buying this beautiful sheet issued by Mauritius with 6 stamps of Gandhi  in 1969 for under 99 cents.!!


Mauritius Gandhi Stamps Sheet - Now Gandhi Stamps is selling in wholesale.!!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

After a long break I am writing this blog post.

Recently I saw 24 sheets of Mauritius 1969 Gandhi stamp and I was surprised, that even after 40+ years we can see wholesale quantity  for auction and no one is buying it at half price of Scott Catalog value.!!!
BTW : No buyer for this wholesale quantity at this price.!!

Now think this auction as an example and guess how many other Gandhi Stamps will be in dealers closet.!!!!!  In last 2-3 months I saw this stamp sheet selling under $1.

Of course this stamp sheet is for collection as it is one of the best Gandhi Stamp sheet ever printed, but don't make sense to buy for more than $1.!!

Look at following screen shot and you will surprised that this is not even selling under $1.!!!

You can see all kinds of weird philately material with Mauritius stamp sheet.!! Reason for this is that huge quantity available at very low price. You can read all blog post by clicking following link.

Also in past I had seen large quantity (100 folders) of Gandhi 2011 Khadi Stamp was for sale, 2005 and 2007 Gandhi Stamp sheet for India. 

After thinking of this quantity and world wide decline in new stamp collectors, I am not sure  Gandhi stamps will be needed and  it will further reduce the price.!!

Read my following blog post and you will also start believing that it's Dying if you still believe it's Paying hobby.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

I Don't think so.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club


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