Are Gandhi stamp collectors and Philatelist STUPID.!! ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

It's back again.!!

Gandhi Indian Embassy Nepal first day cover is for sale for $100 from eBay seller "pacphil" from California.

This is one more variety in Gandhi  Nepal Embassy of India cover.!! I have following question about this cover.

1) It was mailed to USA but postage is applied only 1 1/2 ( one and half anna). which was not a correct postage at that time for USA. So not sure how it went through postal stream without any charges of insufficient postage.!!

2) Receiving Cancellation Date Stamp CDS of USA looks like it is personal stamp of "Robert D West" not from post office.!! This kind of rubber stamps can be made easily.!! 

By applying this rubber stamp maker of this cover wants to prove that this is indeed travel through postal stream.

We all had seen various kind of forgeries and BOGUS in rubber stamp cancellation !!

Are Gandhi stamp collectors and  Philatelist STUPID.!!  I was stupid 3 years ago because Gandhi Philatelic material was highly glorified but I was not aware of what's going on in Gandhi stamp world. So I bought this kind of cover at very high price.!!

Of course I was stupid at that time because there was no material available which explain what is the reality.!!

But now there are 450 blog post from me which expose all kind of illegal trading practice, forgeries in Gandhi philatelic material as well other British India stamps and philatelic material of King George stamps, King Edward stamps, Queen Victoria stamps etc.

You all know what is this.!! and if you don't know then please read some of my previous blog post about it and you will get some hint!! 

Click following link to read some of the news (blog post).

So after reading above blog post what do you think about this cover ? Also take note of my 2 questions.!!

Now if you see above screenshot from eBay member "pacphil"  from San Jose, California who is selling this cover for $100 starting price.!!

Also there is one bidder for this.!! Who knows whether this is indeed genuine buyer or SHILL bidder or not paying buyer.!!

Do you think Gandhi Philatelist are STUPID that after my 450+ blog post they will bid on this kind of item without reading it and doing research on philatelic material.!!

I don't think now Gandhi Stamps Collectors and Philatelist are stupid. There is enough material available on my blog to do some research and compare.

So why bidders are still bidding for this kind of material.

It's up to you to decide.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

If you want to make personal rubber stamp following is the link you can make it.


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