King George stamps : KG V stamps : Do you really think it's Genuine ?

Hello Philatelist,

Recently I saw India Round Table Conference Souvenir stamp cancellation collection selling on eBay from eBay. It's not a envelope but it's on piece of big paper (letter head).

As per description "Wonderful example. Four KG V stamps tied by "INDIAN ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE * 17 NO 30" cds to a sheet of conference stationery. Great item for a thematic exhibit on the conference or on the life of Mahatma Gandhi."

It's not a King George stamps but it's King Edward stamps.!!

My personal opinion  for special cancellation as RUBBER stamp (artwork for kids).!! Because it's very easy to make and collectors will buy it.!!

Just buy some old King George stamps and make rubber stamp and apply on any piece of paper or envelope and you have a souvenir ready.!!

Also chances of having  forgery King George stamps is also very high because we cannot trust British India stamps.!!

Reason for cheating is that it's very hard to find details of this kind of very old cancellation as no one knows in real what happen 80-90 years ago. 

And even if it genuine than it's very hard to get good quality of paper, ink etc because printing and ink quality was not great which can sustain all kind of atmospheric condition such as sunlight, rain, wind, type of storage etc. Also there are lot of other factors to be consider.

So to me all this special cancellation postmark looks as artwork rubber stamp.!!

Also I had seen lot of BOGUS and forgery rubber stamp in Gandhi collection so it's not that hard to believe that it's possible.

Even bogus postmark special cancellation can win medal.!!! Because philatelic judges also thinks it's genuine.!! Judges don't go out and research on their own and they depend on some kind of philatelic handbook, which might have false or misleading information about that cancellation.

Even you might see this kind of bogus or forgery postmark in philatelic museum also!!

It's nothing but glorification!! You need to know how to play this game.!!


So think 1930 rubber stamp which is circular and only one language and similiar alphabets and numbers. So it's not hard to make it. I had shown this in my previous blog post about Round table conference.

Following are my blog post about Round-Table Conference rubber stamp (cancellation).

I am not sure how a collector can know whether this is GENUINE or BOGUS or FORGERY.
Reason for this kind of questions is because chance are that this was bogus to begin with.!! Bogus means it was not officially issued.!!

Think it as 2009 Special Cancellation issued on October 2nd to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence from Winneden Germany, which was Bogus.

This 2009 rubber stamp was more complicated because of
  • multiple language, type and size of alphabets and numbers
  • Image of Gandhi and Emblem of India.
Even though following cancellation was Bogus (never issued by Germany postal service), philatelist won medal with that cancellation for exhibiting it.!!  So an art work can win medal also.!!

So what are chance of something like that for Indian Round-Table conference Gandhi Souvenir special cancellation. 

Even if it was indeed genuine cancellation than also it's very easy to make this kind of rubber stamp and put it on piece of letter head.

It's complicate and required lot of research (own research) as you cannot believe any philatelic handbook because chance of getting this forgery or bogus is also high as author also relies on other philatelist to get this unique cancellation. If they don't use other philatelist then chance are they might not have philatelic material to write handbook.!!

This is also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook, but after my in depth research and finding misleading information about some basic information of Mahatma Gandhi's life, I started disregarding this Gandhi Handbook, because it's a collection of philatelic material from various collectors so it's very hard to authenticate and forgeries or bogus might have gone into it.


So don't you see similarity with Gandhi Philately material.!! Following cancellation  are some of the  FAKE or FORGED special cancellation, postmark cancellation or local post office cancellation. It's just a RUBBER STAMP which my kids use to play to make art work.!! such as butterflies, rainbow, animals, etc.!!

Read my blog post about following BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately.!!

So what do you think about this ROUND TABLE-CONFERENCE Souvenir stamp cancellation which is even older than all of the above Forgery or Bogus rubber stamps.!!

Is it Genuine?

Is it Forgery?

Is it Bogus?

It's up to you to decide after reading all my research blog post or you can believe Gandhi Handbook or yourself.

Now I always trust myself after seeing all this forgeries and bogus philatelic material trying to go in my collection after all kind of different glorification method.

But to me I think my research has depth of comparison and possibilities (not just images with little description) when I am comparing with other thematic material, so I will never WASTE my money.!!

I am not telling this is forgery or Bogus. You have to find it because it's your money and it's up to you how you want to spend it.!! 

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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