Postal History : Cheating in Indian stamp collection ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Postal history is the study of postal systems and how they operate and, or, the study of postage stamps and covers and associated material illustrating historical episodes of postal systems.

I would like to add some more subject for postal history as world has changed and lot of cheating is going in stamp collection.
  • Study of forgery in stamps and philatelic material
  • Study of Shill Bidding in auction
  • Study of selling forgery as genuine
  • Study of second chance offer on eBay.
  • How to glorify philatelic material

Yesterday I saw 1948 First day cover with stamp from India of Gandhi was sold for $1500 on eBay by seller "ronsstamps" of California.

Do you really think that this FDC with stamps of India with Gandhi is worth $1500 ?

I DON'T think so.!!

Then do you think this transaction with stamps from India with Gandhi is BOGUS!!!

Yes, it's looks like price is   illegally increased  and highest bidder(winner) did not paid for this postal history philatelic material.!! 

Also 2nd highest bidder even did not bought this postal history cover with stamps of India if he got second chance offer!!

So I got SECOND CHANCE offer from seller even though I was 3rd bidder with bidding of $810!!!

Mint stamps are selling sometimes more than this price.!!! And chances of getting FORGED 1948 Gandhi stamps from India is very LIKELY.!!

This is common practice in India stamp collection with British Indian Philatelic material with 1911 First Aerial Mail cancellation, King Edward stamps, King George Stamps and Queen Victoria stamps as well as 1948 Gandhi stamps were price is increased and than you get SECOND Chance offer. 

Until now I might have got more than 50 second chance offer on Gandhi stamps of India  and I did not bought single of them.!! 

Is this Cheating in Indian stamp collection ?

Following are two of the amazing SECOND Chance offer I got. Please read it so you know what kind of CHEATING happens in India stamps and Indian Philately material specially in Gandhi Philately.

1) NEPAL Embassy of India first day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps of India were I got two second chance offer at different time from same seller and same postal history philatelic material.!!

2) COURVOISIER STAMPS FOLDER Gandhi with 1948 Stamps from India were I got second chance offer at 1/3rd price.!! 2100 Euros - $610 Euros!!!


This is postally used FDC with stamps of India from Calcutta to San Francisco, which did not have receiving cancellation so not sure whether it was officially travel to postal stream and address.

Also chances of having mulitple of this kind of item is rare so why second offer if eBay buyer "leadpsd" did not paid for this stamps of India FDC.

Following is the bidding detail were 8 bidders wants to buy this with total 14 bids.  (All information is available publicly from eBay by looking feedback, when you bid on items or doing research on eBay.!!)

p***p (27349) --> Winner is "leadpsd" (might did not paid to seller)
3***3(14) --> Loser ( don't know whether 2nd chance offer was given)
8***i(56) -->me.!! (got second chance offer).

Don't you think this is Cheating in Indian stamp collection ?

Do you think buyer paid to seller and seller paid all commission to eBay and PayPal?

Do you think there might be more second chance offer to 4th,5th, 6th,7th and 8th bidder ?

Reserve for this auction was set $1500, so you see eBay id "leadpsd" bidded  25 minutes before auction end for $1200, $1300 and $1500.

Amazing thing is that this is his first purchase in 4 years.!!!

I got second chance offer for $810.!! Which is almost 45% less.!!

So what do you think about actual price of this postal history first day cover.

$1500 or $810 or $9 !!

Actual price will be $9 if 8th bidder got second chance offer for this FDC with stamps from India !!

But chances of getting forged stamp with rubber stamp is very high when you get second chance offer because when cheating happen it happens everywhere.!!

We had seen lot of forgery in USED cover also and very expensive by SHILL bidding or not paying to seller.!!

Read my blog post about following BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

Germany FAKE Cancellation : 

Mauritius Gandhi stamp used on Indian cover with Early zipcode usage even before zipcode was introduce:

Early Usage cover of 1948 Gandhi stamps : 

Gandhi SERVICE stamp BOGUS usage : 

F0RGERY of rubber stamp with Red ink.!!!
Chances of correct ink cover might be in Museum or selling on eBay!!

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately as postal history or event covers.!! 

My personal opinion is that when any expensive philatelic item from India there are more chances of forgery. Also it's not only India philatelic material but any expensive postal history or event cover philatelic material.!!

Now think what are chances of Forgery with  FACSIMILE or REPLICA stamp used on this postal history FDC.?

Now think what are chances of SHILL bidding ?

Now don't you think it's easy to sell forgery material by just applying rubber stamp on it ?

Now think why I got SECOND Chance offer ? even though I was 3rd last bidder!!

Now think how this is one way to Glorify postal history philatelic material ?

So what do you think now about  Cheating in Indian stamp collection ?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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