Imperf stamp - Antigua Gandhi Train stamp.!! :

Recently I saw Antigua Gandhi Train Imperf stamp and it remind me my purchase of this stamp back 3-4 years ago.

If I have to buy it right now I will never buy this IMPERF stamp.!! Because to me it looks fantasy stamp.!! 

After getting this stamp and observing it thoroughly, it's nothing but piece of paper (very thin). It's a useless and valueless piece of paper. Can't consider as philatelic material.!!

I think it's very easy to print this kind of stamps with modern printing technology and using photoshop.!!

And once you print it than you need to glorified by either sending to publisher of book or magazine or stamp collector friend who will exhibit in their collection.!!!

I am not sure why Imperf stamp is required.!! There is no imperf stamp of 1961 USA Gandhi stamp or Great Britain stamp.!!

So why such as small country (84000 people in 2011) needs imperf stamp.!! Think how many people were in 1984.!!

All kind of cheating happen in smaller country stamp as there are no resource to go after cheaters as well as no one cares.!!

To me either it is BOGUS (never exist) or stolen from printing press which are proof before actually printed and are not perforated.!!

But still I have it.!! Because I was not aware of all kinds of illegal activities in Gandhi stamp collection.!!

To me all IMPERF stamps on paper or cardboard are not official issued stamp and it's nothing but fantasy and glorification of stamps by various legal and illegal ways such as Shill bidding, by bidding high and not paying seller so price is looks very high, second offer etc.

How we know that this are real or genuine stamps.!! There is no way to find out.!! 

We can't trust any philatelic handbook were they mentioned about this kind of IMPERF stamp.!! We all know there are lot of errors in philatelic handbook and magazine. 

All this philatelic magazine, blogs(even mine.!!) , books etc are nothing but to glorified the material as unique or rare.!! Even it is glorified by exhibiting and winning medal even with BOGUS philatelic material with special cancellation.!!

So what are chances of forgery or bogus of this Antigua & Barbuda $1 Gandhi IMPERF stamp.!!

Recently I saw Gandhi Imperf stamp from Antigua and Barbuda was sold by eBay seller "rushstamps" from UK for $79 for block of 4 and buyer is from India "adianil"

Spending good amount of money 10,000 Rupees on this two imperf stamps auction.!!

But interesting thing is that eBay seller t***e(370) "rthaper" is bidding for 48.51, who also bought this stamp 3+ years ago.

So do you really think this stamp is worth $79!!

Do you really think this is Genuine IMPERF stamp or it's BOGUS stamp ?

I have this in my collection and I consider this as BOGUS stamp (never exist) or it's proof trial then it's should not be counted as stamp, but it is stolen goods.!!

I am not sure what happens to buyer of stolen goods.!!?

I bought single stamp for $40 from eBay seller "qv500" from UK.!! 

I know I was idiot at that time!!  This was because I depend on information from handbooks, or online exhibit or just what's selling on eBay. I never thought any thing else and no one was there to provide correct information as every one wants to Glorified Gandhi stamp collection.!!

Also look who was buying this stamp at that time. eBay member id "coolblue1955"!! who is also "ashokmehta1955" who sells forged Gandhi Germany 2009 special cancellation from Winnenden Germany.

Also this was bought by eBay member id "rthaper" from eBay member id "qv500"

By writing this I hope you will not become idiot like me.!!

So think before you buy and  beware all kind of activities in philatelic collection.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

Note :

On August 16th another copy of IMPERF stamp of Gandhi from Antigua & Barbuda was sold again for $57.!!

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