British India stamps value : King Edward Stamps

Recently I saw King Edward Stamp with Round Table Conference and I was surprised by the price difference in just 34 days.

This King Edward Stamp on piece of paper (letterhead) with Round Table Conference cancellation was sold on following date.

 July 21 it was sold for $1125.
August 25 it was sold for $159

Yes it's $159. so the difference is $966. Both were sold by same seller.!! 

From the price difference do you think this is really a genuine philatelic material?

This philatelic material is also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook, but how can we trust Gandhi Handbook which has some misleading and false information of basic Gandhi's life.

So how we can find out true value of British India stamps.?

Or all this high price of British India stamp value  is INFLATED by various ways we are seen in Gandhi stamps selling pattern such as SHILL bidding, Not paying to seller etc.?

Why such a great difference of price in British India stamps?

How many quantity of similar British India King Edward stamp on piece of paper with this type of cancellation are out there ?

 (to me it looks like unlimited because just print a paper and make rubber stamp and affix stamp.!!)

As per description "Wonderful example. Four KG V stamps tied by "INDIAN ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE * 17 NO 30" cds to a sheet of conference stationery. Great item for a thematic exhibit on the conference or on the life of Mahatma Gandhi."

I am not sure whether it's King Edward stamp or King George Stamp ?

To me it looks like King Edward stamp.!! So how come seller missed this kind of basic information while selling this kind of rare expensive King Edward philatelic material.!!

To me both of them look same after looking above images. Not sure whether first one was really sold at $1125.!!

This King Edward stamp philatelic material was purchased by eBay id  "suratphilatelist" for $158.!!! Another bidder was rthaper(370)

If you look at following image and notice about bidders active you will be surprised. Why other bidders who bidded  high price did not have any interest when it was again  for resale.!!

$1125 ---> e**b(52) --> Winner did not paid.
$1100 ---> h***t(1935)  --> posthost
$1050 ----->8***i(56)
$100 -$1000 ---->l***a(195)   ---> echobangla
$110-$1000 ----> e***b(52)
$99 --> 2***n(724)


So what happen to all other bidders who bidded upto $1000.

h***t(1921) ---> $1100  ( eBay id "posthost")
8***i(56)   ----> $1050
i***a(195) ----> $1000

Are this bidder not interested anymore.!!! or it's just another GLORIFICATION of Gandhi philatelic material with King Edward stamp, by just increasing price to glorify this Round Table Conference rubber stamp !!

I think so.!! What do you think ?

If you take a look closely buyer e***b(49) bidded for this item from $110 to $1000 in order to win this auction from i**a(195) who bidded from $107.!!

So this 2 bidder increased price in order to win.!!

Not sure whether this was indeed genuine transaction were all paypal and eBay fees were paid by seller or it was a bogus transaction were buyer did not paid and seller cancelled the transaction and got eBay refund for it's fees paid.!!

In past I wrote multiple blog post about how easy it is to make this kind of RUBBER stamp and apply it on any envelope or letterhead or International Reply coupon or receipt.!!

Following is example how to make rubber stamp on www.rubberstamp.net

British India King Edward stamp on International Reply Coupon 

Special cancellation on Certificate of Posting Receipt

British India King Edward stamp On piece of Paper 

British India King Edward stamp on First Aerial Mail with FORGERY rubber stamp

Forged King Edward stamp with cancellation

British India King George stamp with Gandhi stamp with FORGED overprint and cancellation

FORGED King Edward stamps from British India

Art of Making Money : Philately Greed 

Now you decide whether is Genuine or Forgery or Bogus and what is the real value of this kind of cancellation.

I don't have this in my collection because to me it looks only FORGERY is available or chances of BOGUS (not officially issued) are very high as who knows what happen in 1930.!!

We saw what happen in 2009 from Winnenden Germany even with Gandhi philatelic popularity, so chance of BOGUS is very very high.

When it comes to any British India stamps and Philatelic material I always stay away including any Mahatma Gandhi's Life.

It's your money, so you need to decide.

Following are some more blog post written by me, which might also help.

1) Is GANDHI stamp collection hobby a SCAM?

I am not expert and I am in this hobby for 4 years only so you don't have to believe me or trust me. But you can think about it.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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