How to make money from GANDHI stamps!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Mahatma Gandhi is so famous in world that everyone is trying to make money. Recently I read about a Mount Blanc Gandhi Pen selling for 25000 US dollars associated with Gandhi.!!

In philately world also you will be amazed that how some people are making money by printing GANDHI on stamps from smaller countries and selling it on ebay or delcampe. Some of the stamps might be real and some might be fake.

So until there are collectors for this kind of stamps there will be printers who will print this, dealer who will try to sell it around the world.

According to me this kind of stamp has no value in philatelic world even if it is legally mailed from that country because main purpose of this is to make money.

As you know that the certain countries government contracted with a firm which agreed to provide stamps without cost in return for the rights to sell them to stamp dealers outside that country. The contractor was given the authority to design the stamps and most of the numerous stamps which would sell well to thematic collectors.

Now you have to decide what is good for you as a collector and what you want to collect. Some countries issue from Gandhi stamps than India.!!

Following are some of the stamps which are selling on ebay from 10-25$. (I don't own any of them).

All other 3 in above stamp sheet in not related to GANDHI.!!
I am tired now uploading this images as there are more than 100+ this kind of stamps from this countries.

"Mahatma Gandhi Amar Raho" ( Long live Mahatma Gandhi). 

Now in future you might see FDC of this miniature sheet.!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club


FAKE Gandhi postmark cancel from Germany on 2nd October 2009 ???

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I noticed on ebay that there is one more postmark cancel by Germany on October 2nd 2009 on Gandhi's 140th birthday to celebrate United Nations International Non-Violence Day. Following is the postmark cancel which has "Emblem of India" and Gandhi Image.

FAKE special cancellation with EMBLEM OF INDIA 
(After reply from Germany Postal Department (see bottom) this are FAKE special cancellation.)

According to my research that only "Emblem of India" can be used by permission of Government of India official such as President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Cabinet Minister, Indian Embassy Official etc.

So not sure whether permission was taken to use this "Emblem of India" from any other above mentioned official and in this case it will be Embassy of India in Germany. It's illegal to use without permission of Indian Government and can go to jail if unlawfully used.

( The State Emblem is the official seal of India. As such, use of the State Emblem for official seal is restricted to the President, the Vice President, Union Ministers, Ministers and others Officers of the Central Government including diplomatic missions abroad, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Chief Commissioners and Administrators of Union Territories and Ministers and departments and offices of the State governments and of Union Territory governments and administrations who have adopted the State Emblem. Offices of Central Government permitted to use distinct emblems of their own may, however, use the same in their seals.

The State Emblem shall not be used for any trade or profession or in the title of any patent, or in any trade mark or design except in such cases and under such conditions as may be prescribed by the Central Governments under Section 3 of The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. Unauthorised use of the Emblem for such purposes is an offence under the Act.

Private persons, bodies of persons and sports associations are not permitted to use the State Emblem on their letter-heads, seats, crests, badges, house flags or for any other purpose except with the permission of the Government.)

I did some research on German Post website which is
http://www.deutschepost.de/dpag?xmlFile=828 & also I contacted them by email and got reply from them(email copy is attached). Also I contacted some local German Philatelist from whom I bought Gandhi related material and according to them they are not aware of this postmark cancellation.

Also contacted local Winnenden Philatelic Club President "Bjorn" and he did throughly investigation and he also emailed me that this is FAKE. Even he contacted one local Gandhi Stamp collectors near Winnenden (Schwaikheim) and he was not aware of who created this.!!

This is amazing as GANDHI philately material is one of the most popular and searched on internet auction sites as well as in stamp shows no one has any idea about this postmark cancellation.

My research indicates that following is authenticated philatelic material issued on October 2nd 2009.

1) United Nations:- $1 Gandhi stamp with FDC & Souvenir card
2) India :- 25 Rupees Gandhi stamp & FDC.
3) Croatia :- Gandhi Postmark Cancel.

So now my questions is what is this German GANDHI postmark cancellation?

* Did anyone apply for permission from Indian Goverment ?

* Did Indian Embassy of Germany approved to use Emblem of India ?

* Anyone has proof that this is issued by Germany Postal Service ?

Is it FAKE?

YES IT IS !!! (Read email from German Postal Service)

Gandhi Stamps Club

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I got 2 reply from different department of Deutschepost and as per them this are not postmark from German Postal Service. Read following emails and let me know if any question about email.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Premium-Service-Philatelie@deutschepost.de 
Date: Jan 22, 2010 4:47 AM
Subject: Your inquiry
To: kxxx@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Patel,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Deutsche Post AG did not issue any postmark from Ghandi`s birthday.

Kind regards
Jutta Frimberger
Premium Service Philatelie
Deutsche Post AG
Niederlassung Philatelie
Franz-Zebisch-Str. 15
92637 Weiden
3632 Junior Assistent Premium
Tel.: 0180 3 245442

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sonder-Werbestempel@deutschepost.de 
Date: Feb 1, 2010 6:31 AM
Subject: AW: Gandhi postmark handstamp on October 2nd 2009 from Winnenden, Germany,
To: kxxx@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Patel,

Thank you for your require.

The postmark is not a postmark from the German Post. You can recognize this, because there are no posthorns on it.
I am sorry, the person who has created the postmark is unknown.

Kind regards

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Anna Girbert

Deutsche Post AG
Niederlassung Philatelie
Franz-Zebisch-Str. 15
92637 Weiden
Tel: 0961 - 3818 3636
Fax: 01805 - 24 68 76
e-mail: Anna.Girbert@DeutschePost.de
e-mail: Sonder-Werbestempel@DeutschePost.de
Webseite: http://philatelie.deutschepost.de/philatelie/

============== =========================== =========================

BTW : - This forgery or BOGUS special cancellation won MEDAL in philatelic exhibition in India.!! Can you believe that.!!! Looks like Philatelic Judges don't know what they are doing or might be they are also involved in cheating or they know this is BOGUS, but cannot do anything.!!


Gandhi stamp value declining.!! KAMERUN - Cameroon - Cameroun Gandhi - Ghandi stamp, Syria Gandhi Stamp, Somalia Ghandi stamp

Recently I notice that there is stiff decline in demand of Gandhi stamp, which eventually is declining the price.

Today there were 7-8 Gandhi stamps were sold on ebay at very low price which was surpising me. I was thinking that 1969 stamps from Somalia, Syria & Cameroun - Kamerun are very rare stamps available in the market but this not a case.

Following is the price of sold item

Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 -- 2.21 GBP


Above screenshoot will make you start thinking about what's in this Gandhi Philately going on.!!

This is because of global economy meltdown effect or by better understanding of dealers and reseller.?


Gandhi Postmark Cancel issued by Croatia on 02-Oct-2009

On 2nd October 2009 Croatia issued special postmark cancel to honour Mahatma Gandhi on International Non-Violence Day observed by United Nations.

Following are the 2 postcard with Postmark Cancel from Croatia Post Office. I verified with Croatia Postal Service and also I have a proof of that this is genuine postmark cancel (not a rubber stamp).

But there is also FAKE special cancellation from Winnenden Germany issued on same date 2-10-2009.!!!

It was made without permission of German Postal service, Indian Emblem was used without permission of Government of India and it was issued for non-violence of school shooting.!! No one in Winnenden knows about this special cancellation even though it was to mark school massacre and promote non-violence.!!

Read following blog post to know more about it.



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