How to make money from GANDHI stamps!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Mahatma Gandhi is so famous in world that everyone is trying to make money. Recently I read about a Mount Blanc Gandhi Pen selling for 25000 US dollars associated with Gandhi.!!

In philately world also you will be amazed that how some people are making money by printing GANDHI on stamps from smaller countries and selling it on ebay or delcampe. Some of the stamps might be real and some might be fake.

So until there are collectors for this kind of stamps there will be printers who will print this, dealer who will try to sell it around the world.

According to me this kind of stamp has no value in philatelic world even if it is legally mailed from that country because main purpose of this is to make money.

As you know that the certain countries government contracted with a firm which agreed to provide stamps without cost in return for the rights to sell them to stamp dealers outside that country. The contractor was given the authority to design the stamps and most of the numerous stamps which would sell well to thematic collectors.

Now you have to decide what is good for you as a collector and what you want to collect. Some countries issue from Gandhi stamps than India.!!

Following are some of the stamps which are selling on ebay from 10-25$. (I don't own any of them).

All other 3 in above stamp sheet in not related to GANDHI.!!
I am tired now uploading this images as there are more than 100+ this kind of stamps from this countries.

"Mahatma Gandhi Amar Raho" ( Long live Mahatma Gandhi). 

Now in future you might see FDC of this miniature sheet.!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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