Why Cameroun Commerically Used Covers is costly? -Gandhi stamps overprinting.

Hello Gandhi collectors,

Recently (Feb 1st 2010) on ebay 2 commercially used covers were sold at very high price. This cover has Gandhi Overprint stamp from Cameroun which was issued in 1969 to celebrate landing on moon.

How can someone are so dumb/foolish who will overprint on this stamps. It cannot be consider as ERROR stamp (but biggest SCAM).

Following cover was sold for $250+ (US dollars) with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy stamps with Gandhi stamps (one in front and other in  back).

Seller :- gorfa (Canada)
Buyer :-  bipin8 ( now speedbird1*) (UK)
Sold :- $256

I am not sure why they did this overprinting instead of making a new stamp?

Following cover also surpassed price paid for any Gandhi commercially used cover which was sold for $300+ (US dollars) also from Cameroun 1968 Gandhi(without overprint) stamp.

I lost this cover even though I bidded $301!!! Yes $301.!! I am glad that I lost this bid. Otherwise I will regret all my life.!!! Because it does not make sense.!!

I was new in Gandhi collection so I was not aware of all kinds of thing happening in Gandhi stamp collection.!!!

Seller : rlingen (Canada)
Buyer : nil101 (Germany)
Sold for $306

In my 16 months in this field this is most expensive commercially used Gandhi cover I had seen except 1948 India Gandhi commerically used covers with 10 Rupees stamp.

Following cover was sold for $450+ (US dollars) with Martin Luther King(one in front and other in  back)  stamps with Gandhi stamps in front.

Seller : gorfa (canada)
Buyer : nil101 (Germany)
Sold : $456.

Both covers has postmark cancel from sending and receiving countries. Also receiving country is USA where there are more stricter laws against postal fraud.

According to seller this registered mail cover was send from Yaounde to New York City. This first day covers were sent to J. & H. Stolow in New York City, perhaps the most important wholesale, new issue stamp dealers of their time. Either they arranged for a quantity of these to be produced, or the official in the post office sent these as samples to introduce an obviously multi-faceted topical philatelic production!

You can read my previous blog post about Overprint Gandhi stamps where I mentioned about J & H Stolow and overprint stamp which is itself a topic of further study.

Compare above cancellation on cover with following stamps and do more research.!!

Now my questions why this much money is paid for this kind of cover as they are made just to make profit at later dates (after 40 years!!) even though it does not make sense that this are indeed ERROR (overprint) stamps.

Any comments are welcome.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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  1. So much miney is paid by eager collectors who are not properly educated regarding genuine philately; which is indeed a little complicated as far as 'Gandhi' is concerned.



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