FAKE auction buyers or bidders - How to INCREASE price on eBay or online auction

Recently I read news about FAKE buyers increasing price of George Zimmerman Gun.!!

They increase price up to $65000000. 

Yes $65 Million.!!

But here the item is genuine.!! 

In stamp collection FAKE buyers also increase price on FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist or issued) philatelic stamps and covers or register used.envelopes.

By increasing price it's way to show the world it's genuine.

Also Philatelic Handbook will write or print about this BOGUS material and Philatelic Judges will give them award.!!

So BOGUS item is now GENUINE.!!

In past we were able to see who the bidder are so I track it down lot of them.

Click following link to see FAKE auction buyers in Gandhi Stamp Collection as well as India stamp philately.!!


India Stamps - 1948 India Gandhi Stamps are false hope of RICHES?

Increasing price in auction is common practice.

If seller don't increase price it will be sold for very very low price because there are not that many buyers out there who really want that.!!

It's nothing new in any auction including stamp collection. 

Let me tell you that stamp auction price don't go up without FAKE bidding, because it's worthless. 

No one collect stamps but it is to show the world that there is still interest in stamp collection.

It's done by SHILL bidding where seller open multiple accounts and bid on it. (it's free to open account, no credit card needed or real address needed or real country.).

Sometimes their relative and friends help them out to increase price.

If SHILL bidder wins then they cancel the transaction as non paying buyer so seller don't have to pay commission to auction.!!!

Sometimes seller writes good feedback about buyer and buyer will do same thing.!!

Now you will think everything is REAL or GENUINE.!!

But that's not the case.!!

Following is one of the classic example.

Here Gandhi overprint SERVICE stamp is BOGUS (never overprinted) but it is widely famous in Gandhi collection.

Click following link to read about it.

Want to know more about CHEATING in auction then click following link  which will help you to not get heated again.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!


Night Air Mail - INDIA FFC - SLOGAN COVER - Airmail cover

Recently I saw INDIA  FFC -  SLOGAN COVER and I was surprised that there was FFC on Sunday with Slogan or cachet on it.!!

January 30, 1949 was Sunday.!! All post office including postal administration is closed.!! So don't know who was working on that.!!

Postal Office administrator or Stamp Collector or Stamp Dealer.!!

This is nothing but BOGUS (never actually issued or flown.). Just create rubber stamp and apply on any cover and claim as First Flight Cover or FFC.!!

It is nothing but to make money because it was issued on January 30, 1949 which was first anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi death Anniversary.

Nice day to make money.!!!

There is no way you will know truth about this cover because who know what happen in 1949.!!

Now look at this cover was sold for $124 by eBay seller "melbournestamps" from Australia and 7 bidders were interested in this.!!

I hope eBay got commission on this and Australia government got Capital Gain Tax.

Do you think eBay and Australian Government got any money from this auction ?

Reason for this kind of questions comes in mind because I had seen FAKE bidding (when friends or family member bids on it or DIY with other eBay id)  to increase price so some new collectors can see it's really great hobby.!!

Also FAKE bidder don't pay and seller cancel the transaction with eBay so don't have to pay commission.!!









Looks like lot of interest in this INDIA  FFC -  SLOGAN COVER - Airmail cover. There were 7 bidders bidding for this.

If you see above screen you will surprised that one of the bidder is bidding 91% on this seller.!!! and bidding on 43 items with 82 total bids in 30 days.!!

Do you bid on 43 items ?

Do you bid 91% of your total auction on one seller ? 

Do you think this might be some kind of SHILL bidding ?

Following are some of the FAKE rubber stamp of post office of Grafzeppelin, Moscou, Arctique as well as very beautiful cachet on Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Do you think above FAKE covers might made it to philatelic museum in order to glorify Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers ?

Read following blog post about Aero Philately Fakes covers.

Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers

Now let's look at other FORGED cachet of First Aerial Post which is also selling as First Air Mail Cover, World First Air Post etc.

Also post office postmark which are not applied on stamps are also forged from Allahabad post office dated 18 February 1911, as well as Sitapur post office.

There is no difference between First Aerial Post, U.P. Exhibition Allahabad 1911 and all of the above rubber stamp postmark and cachet.

In my previous blog post I mentioned about forgery cancellation, unbelievable price in Aero Philately, World First Flight air mail cover - who are/were also Gandhi stamps seller.

Click following link to read my blog post aboutAero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers  and you decide whether you really want to be part of this kind of shady collection.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.


INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

First Aerial Post : Do you really think it's RARE and demands such a high price in philatelic collection? Is it valid in philatelic exhibition if postage stamps used is not valid ? or it's VALUE LESS.

Now what do you think about this Night Air Mail - INDIA  FFC -  SLOGAN COVER - Airmail cover ?

Genuine  or Forgery or BOGUS ?

Do you think eBay got commission ?

Do you think Australian Government got Capital Gain Tax as well other TAXES ?



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