Tibet 1949 Gandhi Stamp Registered Cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps - One of the RARE 1948 Gandhi stamp used cover. Do you think 1948 Gandhi stamps cover is for Investment.??

On November 5th,  I was surprised when a Register Cover from Pharijong (Tibet) to USA was sold for $2146.!! It is one of the RARE usage of Gandhi from Tibet. Very hard to find.!! and also it is one of the expensive used cover with just lower value(without 10 Rupees) 1948 Gandhi stamps.!!

Looks like very good quality is maintained after 60+ years even though it travelled through highest region and  toughest region in the world and all political uncertainty during that time. Also it has very clear cancellation from both ends compare to others covers from Tibet.!!

Want to see more Phari Jong Tibet cancellation  cover then please look TIBETANPOST.com at following website before you read this blog post and understand more about Tibet used.  Look closely on cancellations and compare.


It was mailed on 12th May, 1949 and delivered  to New Jersey, USA on Jun 27, 1949. It took about  45 days to reach from Tibet to New Jersey.

This cover has receiving CDS June 26, 1949 (Sunday) from Registration division of US post office  New York, NY and CDS June 27, 1949 (Monday) from town post office Elizabeth, New Jersey where this cover was delivered.

 It has two 1948 Gandhi stamps total of 5 Annas stamps. (3.5 + 1.5 Annas).

As per Maulik's research in his exhibit 4 annas will required for Registered mail on top of regular charges, 12 annas  (12 + 4) for airmail registration, 3.5 Annas (3.5 +4)  for surface mail registration to USA.

Seller : richwho1 (USA)
Buyer : airmail1929 (India)

I have following concerns about this cover and instead of doing my own research( it takes lot of time) I decide to get help from others philatelist around the world and  I hope some one with enough knowledge and experience about Indian Philately or  Indo-Tibetian Philately will help us to find correct answer for one of the rare Gandhi used cover.

1) Which category this cover will fit in? Surface Mail(Sea Mail) or Airmail?

2) If Surface mail then Registration mailed was allowed?

3) What will be total postage required for this register cover from Tibet(India) to USA.?

4) Can anyone guess which post offices(cities or ports) it travelled through while reaching to New Jersey.? Following are some examples which might be used

By Tibetan YAK(animal) or horse, to Sikkim and then by road to Calcutta and then by sea/air to New York. (Is it a YAK Mail, Offically carried on YAK!! like camel, bullock cart, pony express etc.!!)

(check this photo of Pharijong in 1933 and you decide how tough it was.!!)

By postal truck/bus from Tibet to nearest Indian main post office (Simla or Delhi or Darjeeling) and then by air to New York.

By direct air from Tibet to New York. ( I don't think so. Not sure about airport in Tibet, but guess!!)

By postal truck/bus to nearest main Indian Post Office (Simla or Delhi or Calcutta) and then again truck/bus/train to nearest harbor(guess Bombay or Calcutta port) for steamer and then to New York harbor.

Read following link about Tibet mail in 2011 and now think what will be the case in 1949.!!



5) If travel through India then why no CDS from any other cities of India as this is Register cover which needs special care by every post office it travels through about receiving it (same way like New York and New Jersey) !!?

6) Do you think New York Registration Division was open on Sunday? and it was delivered to Elizabeth post office on Monday.!! Do you think USA postal department  in 1949 were very efficient.!!

7) If postage is insufficient then it should have  postage due marking on the cover from US post office or else it should not have insufficient postage from the start (from Tibet) with as it is register cover, which is processed manually by post office as postal employee (or any official) will make sure before it travels!!!!!!!

8) Not sure whether this is valid postal transaction as India was independent country not ruled by British and Tibet was different country. So how come it has India Gandhi 1948 Stamps.!! Is this a special mail like "PAQUEBOT".!!

9) Where is Tibet Stamps??

Let me know if you have more details about any of the above questions so all collectors will be aware of this cover and in future they can use it as reference material.

Do you think 1948 Gandhi stamps cover is for Investment.?

Following is bidding details. Most important thing in collecting is to see how bidding is done.!! who is bidding, who is increasing bid etc.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

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