India 1854 half anna - queen victoria british india stamp

Stamp selling is making lot of money on internet.!!

Recently Rarities India 1854 stamp - Queen Victoria  stamp  cover was sold for $700+.!!

One of the reason stamp is sold is that seller don't have to pay if product is not sold or buyer don't pay.

 Even don't have to eBay listing fees.

And that's the reason sometimes you see unbelievable starting price or offer price as seller don't have to pay.

So seller can use eBay infrastructure without paying anything unless they get money.!!!

Recently I saw India 1854 half Anna  - Queen Victoria British India mint stamp in block of 8 sold for $2200.!!!

This was sold by "sprabha05" from Singapore.!!

Lot of money for Singapore government as they will get tax on this kind of income.!!


I was bidding on this item just in case if I get it very cheap , but I did not get it.!!

Looks like bought by "s.j.r-inc" some one in TAIWAN.!!

Looks like rich collector if you see his 30 days following purchase on eBay only.!! Just $5000 to new eBay seller "sprabha05" and $15000 to buy just following 40 items.

Lot of money for eBay shareholders from commission (Disclosure : I own eBay stock/shares)  and also to seller's countries as Income tax, Sales tax, VAT, export tax etc.!!

Looks like everyone is making money by selling stamps through internet.!!

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Now don't you think it's easy to make money on internet by selling some forgery stamps.!!

Yes forgery stamps selling as genuine.!!

Than you might be wondering why there are so many bidders on it. It's easy to open account on eBay as much as you want.!!!

So what are chances of shill bidding or Forgery stamps selling as genuine.?

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Following is FORGERY stamp sheet of India 1854 half anna  - queen victoria british india stamp which can be sold as genuine by using SHILL bidding.!!

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