Shill Bidding on Mahatma Gandhi Stamps or Philatelic material. How price is increased on ebay.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I had seen shill bidding  in 1948 Gandhi Stamps, 1948 Gandhi FDC, 1948 Gandhi Used covers, Gandhi Panama stamp, Gandhi Croatia 2010 postcard & of course 1948 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp. Also this happens in all MNH Gandhi stamps sold from  China, Israel, Canada, Australia, UK and even USA.!!

Recently I was reading news and I was surprised that one of the ebay seller will faces 50000 pounds for shill bidding. Click following link to read news from BBC about Warning over eBay bidding trick (BBC) this fine to UK bidder for shill bidding.

This is not only in Gandhi stamps but you can be victim of this on any other item on ebay or any other auction site. Also Shill Bidding is not a current issue. It is going for years not only on ebay but live famous auctions houses.!!

You will be surprised what to do with shill bidding and GANDHI Philately.!!

Shill bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item’s price or desirability. It’s also bidding by the people the seller knows—including self, family members, roommates, or employee—who could have certain information about the item that other members aren’t aware of.

What I notice:- I am studying since last 30 months about bidding on Gandhi stamps. As I mentioned before in my blog post about my 1 year experience in collecting Gandhi stamps that I am spending more time in bidding process than doing Gandhi Research so I want to share this with you.

In Gandhi Philately some of the sellers are doing shill bidding and after certain limit they stop bidding on it and wait for other bidders to bid on it. If no other bidder bid for that item than seller and shill bidder(self) will cancel transaction so they don't have to pay fees to ebay. Now seller will send a second offer to 2nd bidder and if that other buyer accept it than they will sell it to him/her by telling they have multiple copies otherwise they will list it again in future. By doing this they don't have to pay higher listing fee to ebay, also they can control the price they want or they can sell it to second bidder as second offer.

Look at your past second offer and you decide yourself and learn from that experience. 

BTW:  Read this how to spot shill bidding. http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abu/y200/m11/abu0025/s06

After reading this blog post now it's your time to test  your knowledge about shill bidding. Look at the following link and you decide what is happening here.


1) ebay id indiephila is not active more than a year. What happens to all his collection!!!
2) only transaction with 3 sellers + 1 other seller. ( theobargain, asdaasdaasda(from china), kad_ss)
3) if you see my blog post about Mauritius Register cover you will see he is winner of one of the cover. Don't know why stop collecting or something else.!! Click this link to see blog post.
4) Again read and look at my other blog post and you will find something else.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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