FFC from Hawaiian Airlines and Ballymahon 2010 Balloon cover with insufficient postage of Mahatma Gandhi USA Stamps.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following 2 covers are very nicely done  FFC with colorful stamps, printing and rubber stamps of Balloon & USPS event cancel of airport if it is GENUINE.

For airmail international letter USPS required 98 cents postage stamps in 2010.  FFC on left which was mailed on July 31 2010 from Chicago, USA to Dublin, Ireland has insufficient postage. It has total of  90 cents only.  First Class postage stamp on the cover is United States stamps #4029 from 2006 valued $.39 first class, non-denomination stamps depicting Love Birds.
So total is 39+39+8+4= 90 cents. If there is insufficient postage than USPS will rubber stamp with "Postage Due". But sometimes USPS don't check this.!! and you will get the mail. But if you are making particular cover for event then it will not make sense unless you are making it ODD cover with insufficient postage stamp, stamp from different countries etc.

Also not sure whether this was flown officially in Balloon flight. If it is flown officially in Balloon then this cover is very cheap as it cost more to fly this kind of covers because of weight issue in balloon and you should know right person to carry cover for you.!!

Also not sure whether this was flown by balloon to Chicago to Ireland?

Also Ballymahon 2010 (40th Anniversary) was from 19-24 September and this cover was mailed on July 31 2010. !!

Also not sure which balloon it was flown by out of 44.

Lot of things to look in to this FFC to consider as GENUINE !!

Following FFC only has 44 cents stamps.!!

Not sure why this has stamp of USA as this cover is flown from Korea to Hawaii on 12-14 January 2011. It has already stamps from Korea.

As per USPS rates even postcard or letter(cover) required 98 cents for International postage stamps. so both cover postage stamps does not make sense.

I think USA Gandhi stamp is on cover, only to sell this cover to Gandhi Collectors.!! as no Gandhi stamp from South Korea.!!

Now you have to decide whether this is Genuine or FAKE and depending on that you add in your collection or you can start new theme of Mahatma Gandhi "Mahatma Gandhi travel world with insufficient postage"

My blog post also look colorful.!!


BTW:  Check USPS Postal Rates History by clicking following URL.


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