Mexico Stamps

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

As you all know that stamp collection hobby is in rapid decline and following Mexico stamps is the one more example of it.

Recently I saw Mexico stamps of Mahatma Gandhi issued in 1969 sold for $1 for block of 4 stamps.

This block of 4 stamps from Mexico of Gandhi was on sale for 2-3 days and no one was interested to buy it.!! Don't know why no buyer for 2-3 days even though it was for $1.

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

1) A Hobby in Decline : 1948 Gandhi USED cover case study.!!
2) A Hobby in Decline.!! - Part-2
3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

If you see stamps are not even selling or selling like 5-10 times lower their value than mentioned in catalog.!!

I was going to buy it, but decided why to invest in STAMPS.!!

So I postponed my purchase.!!

Following screenshot will show you that I was ready to buy it, but I skipped and let other investor to invest in this.!!

This is the case in every country stamps of Gandhi. Whether it's Ireland, Great Britain, Yemen etc.

1) Malta stamp selling for 40 cents.
2) Cannot go wrong in Ireland stamps. Sold for 1 cents ( set of 2 stamps)
3) Somalia stamps sold for $3 (set of 3 stamps). Lot of cheating happens when buying this stamps.
4) YEMEN stamps sold for $2, but SHILL BIDDING is happening lot.!!
5) Venezuela stamps for 75 cents.

So Be aware of stamp collecting.

Gandhi stamps club.

Cameroon Stamps

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You all saw what is the price of Mahatma Gandhi 1968 FDC from Cameroun sold on Delcampe. It was sold for $91 which means that Gandhi Stamp/Philately PRICE IS ON DECLINE.

This is how it is sold in last 3 years.

4/26/2008 --- $294
3/09/2009 --- $266 ($150) (my purchase, how I was fooled.!!)
3/07/2010 --- $214
5/14/2010 --- $179
1/28/2011 --- $112
5/31/2011 --- $91

I think this are still INFLATED price of Cameroun Gandhi FDC. ( Cameroon Ghandi FDC )
I think this is also on high because there are 2000 total (and not sure there are total 2000 Gandhi collectors who can afford this.) so my guess is next time it will go under $75-80. Let's see what happens in future when someone from France will sell this FDC.

Now if you see closely top 3 bidders then you will notice that these are dealers/reseller who already have 3-6 FDC or more  in their stock. Some of them bought very cheap from dealer/reseller from France and some even paid high price also so in order to keep the price up they are bidding on this item. They generally auction this FDC around $299-499.!!

This time if you see all 3 of them try to bid at last moment where as if you see previous bidding (look at my previous blog post about this) then they start bidding  initially to make price high. Click this link and you will find same bidders who are bidding on this also. This time they really want to buy this at cheap price.!! & want to sell it to us in future at higher price by offering same FDC with different id,  from different country etc.

Now it's up to all Mahatma Gandhi Collectors to decide how we can stop this or prevent this kind of activity. I leave it up to you to decide what you need to do.!! 

But we all know what  are Mahatma Gandhi's Principles  "Boycott" and "Passive Resistant" and we all can try his principles and let's see what happens to this FDC in future.!!

I think price will eventually fall for this 2000 FDC which will come out of closet from FRANCE, same way currently from Lativa or Germany we can see  Nicragua OVERPRINT stamp of Gandhi with Eistein series or Nicragua Gandhi with TajMahal. once certain collectors/dealers/reseller will buy it to average their buying price. But they still regret as more and more this stamps are coming in market as price of this Overprint stamps are coming down.

I still have mine which I bought it for $150. so I lost $60 in 2 years (40% + interest)!! If there was enough information like this blog I will never buy this.!! Just keep patience and you will get it cheap in next couple of years. It's just matter of time. You can still exhibit with other countries FDC and it's not a great point that you don't have this FDC.

Let us know what you think about this Mahatma Gandhi Cameroun FDC. 

Gandhi Stamps Club


Maximum cards - Max cards

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw Mahatma Gandhi Maximum Card (Max card or Maxi card) along with total 98 Maximum card (FDCards) selling for $99.

But it's not about the price but I was surprised how it is made in such a large quantity. 

After looking this many Max card from Montserrat issued in 1998 I am thinking what are chances of just applying a forged post mark.!!

I am not expert but I had seen lot of forged postmark on Gandhi first day covers, event covers, max cards etc so I am little bit curious about this.

Don't you think this simple rubber stamp can be forged ?

Following are some forgery blog post I wrote in past.

1911 First Aerial Mail post forgery card (one of the greatest philatelic blunder in forgery) with receiving and sending postmark.

BOGUS forgery cancellation card of 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad.
Even Queen Victoria overprint stamp of Indian state is forged with RPS certificate.!! Now think what happen to FORGER.!! Nothing.!! As no one cares.

Reprinted label are sold as original 1930 Pre-Independence Gandhi Boycott label!! A philatelic fantasy.!! What a SCAM!!!
Gandhi Boycott British Goods label
Fake 10 Rupees SERVICE stamps is available in large quantity.!!
Gandhi SERVICE FAKE Stamps and Governor Cancellation  
What is Tibet 1949 register cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps without stamps from Tibet and Indian Embassy of Nepal?
FAKE 1948 Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation and Independence day of India  
FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!!

This is not COUNTERFEIT. It's BOGUS stamp.!! Because no country name on this.!!! (was selling from $43000 -$2000)

FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!! 
Forged 1948 Gandhi FDC with Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation!!
Forged 1948 Gandhi Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation  
FORGED India 1948 Gandhi stamps FDC!!
FAKE 1948 Gandhi  stamps "JAI HIND" Cancellation
OVERPRINT stamp issue from Cameroun, Nicragua & Togo. Does not make sense at all someone printing on stamp by mistake. This is delibrate act.

FAKE Overprint Cameroun, Nicaragua stamps and FDC!!
Even FAKE Error stamps. (Color faded with sunlight or other chemicals.!!!)
How to create FAKE error stamps 
Why 2009 FAKE or BOGUS (not approved by Germany post) Germany Special Cancellation on October 2nd.? (This makes all 1969 special cancellation questionable!!, because who knows what have happen in 1969.!!). Also don't know up to what stage collector goes to take benefit. !!

BIDDERS!! "hitlerandgandhi" just to glorify Gandhi stamps they increase price of 1948 Gandhi FDC and Used covers.!!! (Images are not enough to understand this so read following blog posts.!!)

I am not expert and I am in this hobby for 4 years only so you don't have to believe me or trust me. But you can think about it. There are more experts with 20-30-40-50 years sitting around with stamp hobby and there are expertizing certificate which might help you.

If you don't want to go through all this don't think as Investment and think as "Philately Greed" and you will be SAFE.

I think collector, dealers, seller, forger will do anything for money such as making BOGUS cancellation from Winnenden to celebrate non-violence for school shooting or plane crash cover, forged 1948 stamps,  Nepal Indian Embassy cancellation, Gandhi SERVICE stamp with forged Sunday cancellation, letter reaching after 2 years or reaching in 3 days from India to France by removing stamps and black ink of rubber stamp etc.

It's nothing new. In stamp collection it has been going on 160+ years since Penny Black. But counterfeit or forgery is going on since 700 B.C. ( 2500+ years).

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Stamps of Panama

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw rare Gandhi stamp of Panama (hidden stamp) used on commercial cover sent to Guatemala. 

It has 3 stamps of Gandhi along with one more other stamp in front. You all know how difficult is to get this stamp and still cover was sold for $178.!!!

In past similar cover with 3 Gandhi stamp send to Germany was sold for $500+!! Don't know why this
one was sold only for $178.!!

Do you think Gandhi Philatelic material value is declining ? or it's as correct value or it is still INFLATED price ?

But your guess is my guess and you might be thinking same way I am thinking that it's not worth to invest in Register USED cover or commercial used cover as chances of getting FORGERY rubber stamp is very high, because it's very easy to make this kind of rubber stamp and don't have to worry about any punishment from law agency around the world.!!

We all know how things are in Gandhi Philately.!! Almost everything is forgery.!! We had seen all kinds of forgery whether it's stamps, used cover, special cancellation etc so it's nothing knew to most of us.

But it might help to other philatelist, so be carefully when you buy any used covers as it's easy to make old used covers.

I am not sure about following cover is Forged or Genuine as I don't have detail for panama cancellation or I had not seen similar cancellation on any Panama covers in 1972. As soon as I will know I will update it.

Till then you buyer's need to decide this as they have to pay.!!!

Following is research how it was sold and whom it was sold and who were other bidders.!! 

Now compare this cover with which one sold in 2010.!!

$177 cover is even registered cover where as one sold for $521 is just regular used cover.

So why value of Gandhi philatelic material is declining.?

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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12) How to increase stamp collection value

Or still it is a very high priced (inflated price)!!

Gandhi Stamps Club


What is Postage stamp ? Is it really expensive stamp ?

Hello Gandhi stamp Collectors,

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage. Typically, stamps are made from special paper, with a national designation and denomination (price) on the face, and a gum adhesive on the reverse side.

Postage stamps are purchased from a postal administration or other authorized vendor and are used to pay for the costs involved in moving mail as well as other business necessities such as insurance and registration.
Now 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp  was not available at post office because it was only for official government use. It was specially made for Governor General of India and only 100 were printed.

So it's not a stamp or postage stamp.!!! as it was not available to general public.

It's like government print for themselves and keep it with some government official or sell it after wards in black market.!!

So now I don't know whether this Mint 10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp should be valid as collection item?

And if yes then it will be under which thematic because it was not for general public, so how can normal collector can have MINT stamp?

In May 2012 David Feldman auction house sold this stamp for €144,000 (US$ 205,000) when buyer's premium is included.!!

Also Mint stamp was for sell on eBay for $225,000 with RPS certificate.!! So you will be thinking it's should be genuine.!!

A set of stamps over-printed as "Service" was issued to the Government of India for official purposes. Only 100 Mahatama Gandhi 10 Rs. stamps were overprinted with "Service" and issued for the use of C. Rajagopalachari, the Governor General of India, making it the world's least printed stamp.

 Of the hundred stamps that were overprinted with "Service", a few were gifted to dignitaries, while most remain at the National Archives, Postal Museums, etc.

Do you think some of the stamps might be from national archives or postal museums?

Do you think this should be RARE stamp. ? As it was printed in very less quantity so of course it will be rare stamps.!!

Forgery of this stamp is available widely for $1-$5.!! I had never seen genuine stamp, but above stamp come closely to genuine (even though SERVICE is erased), but it has RPS certificate so it should be genuine.!!

Do you think following is FORGED RPS (Royal Philatelic Society certification) expert certificate ? 

Reason for this question comes in my mind because all information is hidden. Never seen an expert certificate with all information hidden in royal philatelic society certification - RPS certificate. (Don't know what to hide!!)

I can understand about signatures and overprint letter on the stamps so no one else can copy it,  but Why Certificate # and  Date are hidden.!!

But there are plenty of royal philatelic society certification - RPS certificate images are available on eBay as well on google images, so if someone wants to forged they can use that too.!!

My personal view or opinion is that this royal philatelic society certification - RPS expertizing certificate looks forgery because all information is hidden.!!

Again it's my own personal view, and you don't have to believe me as I am not an expert.!! But you can think about my view and compare with my view what are chances or possibilities.

What do you think about this rare stamp ?

Is it a valid stamp for collector if it is MINT stamp as it was not available to general public.!!?

OR it's just one more fantasy in Gandhi philatelic collection.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Scinde Dawk stamps

Helo Gandhi Collectors,

While searching about Gandhi stamps as well as some Gandhi Philatelic material I came across old stamps, rare stamps and expensive stamps of Scinde Dawk.

Scinde Dawk was a very old postal system of runners that served the Indus Valley of Sindh, an area of present-day Pakistan. The term also refers to the first postage stamps in Asia, the forerunners of the adhesive stamps used throughout India other areas controlled by the British East India Company.

Now if you look at the quantity exist this stamps should be one of the Most Expensive stamps, but its current value is 2000 Pounds.

Don't you think it should be valued way way higher than this.!!?

But following screenshot will explain that it does not even sold after 7 offers. (Do you think this offers are real or it's false!! )

But what I read is that forgeries are plenty available as this old rare stamps are almost extinct and it's all fantasy flowing around.

Following are some of the forgeries available under $10.!!

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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And because of forgery, facismile and other reason some famous collectors like Bill Gross are not interested in unaccounted stamps.!!!

So what are chances of some buying forgery stamps as genuine for $2000.!!?

So which are investment stamps.?

There is none stamps for investment, because it's not available under 100K dollars, which is out of reach for 99% collectors.

We had seen in Gandhi collections that 65 years old stamps are selling under $100.!!! But I think it's still inflated price compare to # of stamps printed in 1948.

250,000 stamps of 10 Rupees were printed in 1948 and I think that almost all of the stamps are exist either USED or Mint because of value of stamp in 1948.

10 Rupees was lot of money in 1948 for India It was almost out of reach for almost all collectors so forget about general public using it as postage stamps.

I think only Gandhi stamp for investment is 10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp which were only 100 in public hand, and that the reason some one paid 200,000 dollars in 2012.!!!

So you got my point that all this old and rare stamps are not for investment but chances of forgeries are very high because no one knows what is actual quantity left in market.

So don't get in to false propaganda about stamps as INVESTMENT. It's a very big SCAM.


Gandhi stamps club.

stamp used abroad - India stamp

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

We all know that during British India rule around the world, some India stamps were used abroad. Used abroad stamp means that stamp is used from other countries then it is issued. Not sure all that used abroad was genuine and really used as postage from other countries as it's easy to forged rubber stamp as we had seen it from Tibet, Nepal, Maldives etc covers with fake rubber stamp on the cover and made it used abroad.

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi stamp from India with 1.5 annas value was used from Arizona, USA on 2nd October 2012 on Mahatma Gandhi Birthday which is known as Gandhi Jayanti in India and International day of Non-Violence all around the world when United Nations declared in 2007.

Technically this is valid aerogramme because it has 43 cents postage on it. I think it's 1 cent less than the regular postage requirement of 44 cents in 2012. I think it might be overlooked by postal administration of Arizona or it may not be actually travelled through regular mail stream as it don't have barcode in front, but some times because of smaller size it can be missed.

It's legal to use other countries stamp if there is a valid postage on the envelope.

Ofcourse it looks unique and varities in your collection, but it's not appreciating all the work and looks like no interest in stamp it only sold for $10 for 2 covers.!! Also needs to research more in bidding details.!!

But all other used in Tibet and Nepal or any other countries are nothing but BOGUS and forgery as it was nothing but to make money out of it by making it DIFFERENT.!!

In past we saw following FORGED cancellation from India.

It looks like FAKE or Forged is a way to go in Indian Philately especially in British India, Indian Princely states and 1948 Gandhi Stamps as well as other Gandhi Philatelic material.!!

Following blog post will explain you that indeed that Indian Stamps and Philately (British India and 1948 Gandhi Stamps) needs to be examined before you even think about buying it.

Forgery in Indian Philately as well as 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.
Beware of First Aerial Mail.
King Edward stamp and Gandhi Stamps.!!
Gandhi Stamps and Independence of India. (shameless act !!)
A Hobby in Decline.!!

So after looking above forgery in Indian cancellation what do you think about following India USED abroad stamps on covers or stationary.

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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12) How to increase stamp collection value
Gandhi Stamps Club.


first day cover : buy Low - sell High

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Buy Low, Sell High.!! This concept is in not new and it's in everything we invest.  Either it's stock or gold or housing property or anything else.!!

This also apply in Gandhi stamps first day cover.!!

Recently 1948 Gandhi stamps private (unofficial cover) First Day cover was sold from UK for $15 and in 2 weeks it was again  for sell but this time from India and it's starting bid $349.!!  Both are different cover but it has same stamps, same cover, same cancellation and same address and same hand writing.!! 

Private or Personal first day cover was not sold for $349.!!  To me even if it is original and genuine, I think $15 is on very upper limit for this kind of personal first day cover.!!

Also not sure any of them are really send to USA because don't look like it.

Also what are chances some one having original special "Jai Hind" cancellation ? Don't you think it's possible.? 

Or someone made it duplicate in 1948 from same source.!! ?

Or someone stole original cancellation in 1948 ? Not sure whether there was any record and possession or even destroy it.?

Don't you think all this can make lot of PRIVATE first day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps any time, any quantity, send to any place in the world.?

All are my assumption, as I don't know what happen in 1948.!!

So that means it's not real price.!! So what is the real price of this first day cover? Is it $15 or $349?

First of all we need to see why this India first day cover was sold only for $15. It was in auction not in fixed price.!! Also there were 3 bidders who bidded on it. Either this might be forgery of cancellation or stamps are facsimile or reprint copy with forged cancellation.!!


$15 is the real value of India f.d.c as no one is interested to buy first day cover because stamp collection hobby is declining or Gandhi stamp collection.

I know it's seller choice to sell their India first day cover. But don't you think this one way of INFLATING the price ?

If you are new and don't know what's the real price you might think that it's Genuine price and you might buy it or buy it when it sold for $299 or $199 or $99.!!

Stay away from 1948 Gandhi private first day cover, because chances of forgery philatelic material and inflated price is very high because

1) It's just rubber stamp which is easy to make.
2) Shill bidding chances are high
3) Inflated selling price by keeping high price and buying it by shill bidder and then don't pay.!!
4) Forgeries stamps might be used on the private first day cover, used cover with 1948 gandhi stamps with 12 annas and made you feel it travel to exoctic destination as well as official first day covers also.
5) Chances of Back stamp from destination place is also forged.

But interesting thing about this cover is that, it came for sale for $199 & $99 from different seller.!!

Check following multiple forged or BOGUS rubber stamp for JAI HIND special cancellation.

When you see PRIVATE (without official cachet from post and telegraph) first day cover then chances of FORGERY OR BOGUS is very very high.

Calcutta cancellation is Forgery and Simla cancellation are both different.!!

Both SHILLONG cancellation looks different with HINDI alphabet "Jai Hind" and type & # of lines.

Compare above four cancellation from BOMBAY and check for # of lines, types of lines in center of special cancellation. (some has 7 and some has 8 and some don't make sense.!!)

Above two cancellation are from MADRAS. Only cancellation with "AUG".!! Also look at the difference between them in shapes. Also "." is missing.

Poona & Simla cancellation looks like BOGUS

Don't your think it's UGLY out there ?

Above two cancellation are from NAGPUR looks BOGUS. Look at the difference.

Kanpur & Patna cancellation with irregular alphabets and letters along with shapes

Delhi and New Delhi cancellation. Looks at  the difference.

Pondicherry was ruled by French India in 1948. Compare it with MADRAS which only has "AUG" where as Pondicherry has "AUGUST" even though they are very near.!!

Does ALLAHABAD & PATNA cancellation looks like GENUINE ?


We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Don't  you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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Gandhi Stamps club.


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