Scinde Dawk stamps

Helo Gandhi Collectors,

While searching about Gandhi stamps as well as some Gandhi Philatelic material I came across old stamps, rare stamps and expensive stamps of Scinde Dawk.

Scinde Dawk was a very old postal system of runners that served the Indus Valley of Sindh, an area of present-day Pakistan. The term also refers to the first postage stamps in Asia, the forerunners of the adhesive stamps used throughout India other areas controlled by the British East India Company.

Now if you look at the quantity exist this stamps should be one of the Most Expensive stamps, but its current value is 2000 Pounds.

Don't you think it should be valued way way higher than this.!!?

But following screenshot will explain that it does not even sold after 7 offers. (Do you think this offers are real or it's false!! )

But what I read is that forgeries are plenty available as this old rare stamps are almost extinct and it's all fantasy flowing around.

Following are some of the forgeries available under $10.!!

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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And because of forgery, facismile and other reason some famous collectors like Bill Gross are not interested in unaccounted stamps.!!!

So what are chances of some buying forgery stamps as genuine for $2000.!!?

So which are investment stamps.?

There is none stamps for investment, because it's not available under 100K dollars, which is out of reach for 99% collectors.

We had seen in Gandhi collections that 65 years old stamps are selling under $100.!!! But I think it's still inflated price compare to # of stamps printed in 1948.

250,000 stamps of 10 Rupees were printed in 1948 and I think that almost all of the stamps are exist either USED or Mint because of value of stamp in 1948.

10 Rupees was lot of money in 1948 for India It was almost out of reach for almost all collectors so forget about general public using it as postage stamps.

I think only Gandhi stamp for investment is 10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp which were only 100 in public hand, and that the reason some one paid 200,000 dollars in 2012.!!!

So you got my point that all this old and rare stamps are not for investment but chances of forgeries are very high because no one knows what is actual quantity left in market.

So don't get in to false propaganda about stamps as INVESTMENT. It's a very big SCAM.


Gandhi stamps club.

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