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Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw First Flight Cover FFC from Ryanair which was flown from Malaga, Spain to Leipzig, Germany with Gibraltar Gandhi stamp with CDS of 28 March 2012.

As you know I consider all first flight covers as questionable because it require lot of logistics in advance to make this kind of cover and because of this reason most of them are not even flown through first flight or never flown.!! 

Sometimes dealer/collector will send SASE with different thematic stamps to that post office and they will send them back with date as asked by dealer/collector and when they received back they will make it nicer with rubber stamp cachet of that first flight.!!

But sometimes it might not even send to post office as they have all kind of rubber stamp which looks like from that post office or special cancellation which never exist.

This FFC has also rubber cachet mentioning about the first flight from Leipzig - Malaga - Leipzig with date of 26-03-12/02-04-12.

So this cover should have stamp from Spain or Germany, not from Gibraltar.!! 

Or this is Gibraltar USED abroad.!!

Not sure when was actual first flight flown because date 28/3 differs between CDS and cachet (26/3 and 2/4).

I am not sure whether this is Genuine or BOGUS. Gibraltar is very small country and small airport (most dangerous airport in Europe.!!). Also stamp is not from Spain or Germany (originating or destination airport) so I am not sure how it is on this FFC.!! 

But my guess is that Spain don't have valid Gandhi stamp and to make money from collectors dealer/collector came up with this idea.!!

Now if you see following map you will think why Gibraltar is involved in this cover as it has nothing to do with first flight.!!!

Following are some of the blog post I wrote in past about this kind of questionable First flight cover (which to me it all look like BOGUS) and it's nothing but to make money.!!

1) Chile 1974 Soccer world cup first flight cover does not look like really flown.!!

2) Is it Airbus A380 First flight mail or Paquebot mail.!!

4) Hawaiian Airlines First flight mail (to make money by using Gandhi stamps.!!)

5) United Nations Stamp on FFC. ( Does not make sense.)

6) Airbus A380 First flight covers( Bogus FFC)

What do you think  about first flight covers after reading this blog post.?  Don't you think it's nothing but BOGUS.! to make 8-10 times more money than just selling stamps.!!

We all know about "The Blum Case" where a FORGER from Germany has more than 1000 rubber stamps of different post office from Germany.!! 

After reading this BLUM case article my faith in USED cover is nothing but worthless.!! It's just all glorified and hyped created by all dealers/sellers/printers who are make living on this.!! 

It's all FORGED or BOGUS (don't exist) and makes you think it's valuable philatelic material as price and bidding are so much by SHILL Bidding.!!

So don't you think it's easy to make rubber stamp of other countries post office.!! 

Either it be 1948 Gandhi used cover from India send to different countries or private first day cover or 1969 FFC from Morocco - Iran - Germany or 1974 FFC from Chile.!! Chances are you will have Forged covers with you and there are forged covers in stamp exhibit.!! 

Of course I have multiple Forged covers in my collection too.!! But I don't want any new collector to have in their collection.!!

So think before you come into this hobby. It's nothing but GLORIFICATION.!!

According to me it's not GOLD or Blue chip shares/stocks were some agency keep tab on value but philatelic it's a piece of PAPER without any surety from government!! 

To me all FFC are made just to make money as it is very hard that this cover is actually flown in first flight.

So before you start collecting about first flight cover or any Gandhi Philately materials think about it. It's not only Gandhi Philatelic material but all philatelic material whether it's 2012 or 1912 or 1854 you need to think other wise you will have piece of paper.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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