Proof or Black print stamp or Test stamps from Germany

Hello Gandhi Collector,

On eBay you might be seeing Germany Gandhi Proof Print stamp or Black Print stamp, but it's a photograph taken from 1969 Germany Year Book. In past, I bought this Germany Proof print and I have to return it to seller.

So make sure when you buy this kind of Rare material. It's selling as Germany Gandhi 1969 Black test stamps or Photographic proof  or German Archive  proof prints.

Germany has issued a surprising number of "proof prints" commonly called "black prints" or in some cases referred to by the post office as, "test stamps". After stamp is selected they come up with color trials which you will see from different countries but very rarely seen this tests stamps.

Test Stamp is a label not valid for postage, used by postal authorities on sample mail to test various sorting and cancelling machines or machines that can detect the absence or presence of a stamp on an envelope. May also be known as "dummy" or "training" stamps.

In most cases, the "proof prints" from Germany have been made using the
engraved portions of issued stamps. They are usually imperforate, printed in one color (different than the issued stamp).

Above is copy of 1969 yearly Germany Stamp book

How you can make TEST stamp.

1) Print above sheet
2) Cut it
3) Print more on kodak paper or any good paper
4) start selling.!!

Recently I saw this kind of photographers (similar to my purchase) are selling for $130!! on eBay by seller "creativityplus4" from UK. So make sure before you buy what are you buying it.!!

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