India forgery stamps

Hello Gandhi Philatelist, 

What if I apply following 1948 India forgery stamps to any plain old cover and apply forged rubber stamp postmark  related to any Post Office.?

There will be very high Return on Investment.!!

If invested $8 than chances are you can get $2500 - $2700 or more if you use all 4 stamps on private first day cover or register used cover with India stamps.!!

Don't you think it will look authenticate stamp on cover.!!!

What are chances of this kind of stamps on Gandhi USED covers or Gandhi folder or even register Gandhi cover from India ?

Or this forged stamps might be on following unused official India Post and Telegraph first day cover with forged cancellation too.!!!

Who is going to remove stamps from the cover (official or private first day cover or USED cover) and see whether this is Genuine stamps or Facsimile or reprint or copy stamp.!!!

Following are Forged RUBBER stamp or BOGUS (never exist) applied as cancellation or special cancellation on some of the India stamps related to 1911 First Aerial mail, Governor General of India, 1948 Gandhi First Day Cover.!!

So don't you think it's even more easy to make(or bribe or request someone) just plain circular post office rubber stamp and apply to any cover and make it used or private first day cover of India Gandhi stamps.!!

There are more forged rubber stamp used on Gandhi stamps not only from India but also from different countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Nicaragua, Maldives etc. 

Also don't forget the BLUM case from Germany where a dealer or forger has more than 500 rubber stamp who was caught by Germany police.!!

It's very easy to make circular rubber stamp.!!  Nicaragua 100 years of cinema FDC cancellation is Forged.!! You will find similar in all 1998 Gandhi FDC from Africa and South America countries.!!

Now when think above forged cancellation and others in Gandhi philatelic and compare following  eBay screenshot of some of the Private 1948 India Gandhi stamps first day cover.

 Now think what are the CHANCES of getting cover with FORGED stamps? 

Don't you think it's easy to apply this forged stamps after removing stamp from any old cover which can be bought in any stamp shows.!!

As you all know it's very easy to make rubber stamps and can be applied on this kind of used cover

1) Removing stamp using water and affixing Gandhi stamp and forged cancellation.
2) Affixing stamp on back side of cover after removing from front.
3) Removing back flag so any cancellation is removed.
4) Back of cover all together.(missing back) so no info left.!! ( I bought one like this and I still had in my precious collection.!!!)
5) .
6) ..
7) ... you can think all.!!

As you know I am just a novice collector who is sharing experience of 4+ years in Gandhi philatelic collection so I don't know whether all or some of the above Gandhi Philatelic material such as Indian stamps, India F.D.C, India First Day cover with Gandhi stamps issued in 1948 are Genuine or forged.

Also I am not expert (like BPA or RPS or other expertizing issuing society or club or individual philatelist) to look in depth but I am just guessing possibilities in 1948 Gandhi used covers and private personal India first day cover with Gandhi stamps as well as official first day cover of India.

I am just expressing my opinion or view or freedom of speech on the trends and I am reporting that only, what I see with my eyes and think with my brain. It's like a personal opinion, but might help.

So it's up to all collectors to think and "BE YOUR OWN EXPERT".!!

It's up to INVESTOR (not collector, as they already know all this and are involved since last 30-40-50 years) to decide whether it's Genuine or Forged as they have to pay money for investment and no one is there to protect it like financial investment like bank CD or fixed deposit or Bonds or even stocks too (where government will get involved in making rules and also bail out).

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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