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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw rare Gandhi stamp of Panama (hidden stamp) used on commercial cover sent to Guatemala. 

It has 3 stamps of Gandhi along with one more other stamp in front. You all know how difficult is to get this stamp and still cover was sold for $178.!!!

In past similar cover with 3 Gandhi stamp send to Germany was sold for $500+!! Don't know why this
one was sold only for $178.!!

Do you think Gandhi Philatelic material value is declining ? or it's as correct value or it is still INFLATED price ?

But your guess is my guess and you might be thinking same way I am thinking that it's not worth to invest in Register USED cover or commercial used cover as chances of getting FORGERY rubber stamp is very high, because it's very easy to make this kind of rubber stamp and don't have to worry about any punishment from law agency around the world.!!

We all know how things are in Gandhi Philately.!! Almost everything is forgery.!! We had seen all kinds of forgery whether it's stamps, used cover, special cancellation etc so it's nothing knew to most of us.

But it might help to other philatelist, so be carefully when you buy any used covers as it's easy to make old used covers.

I am not sure about following cover is Forged or Genuine as I don't have detail for panama cancellation or I had not seen similar cancellation on any Panama covers in 1972. As soon as I will know I will update it.

Till then you buyer's need to decide this as they have to pay.!!!

Following is research how it was sold and whom it was sold and who were other bidders.!! 

Now compare this cover with which one sold in 2010.!!

$177 cover is even registered cover where as one sold for $521 is just regular used cover.

So why value of Gandhi philatelic material is declining.?

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Or still it is a very high priced (inflated price)!!

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