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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Happy New Year.!

I am glad that 2012 is over as it was one of the worst year for Gandhi stamps collection because stamp price has fallen(Genuine MNH 1948 Gandhi stamp were sold under $100, which is still overpriced.!!)  from the roof after 3-4 years of all kinds of SHILL Bidding, Fake Bidding, Forgeries, Cheating etc.

In 2012 all illegally activity was EXPOSED to all Gandhi collectors as well as other thematic collectors who can learn lot from Gandhi stamps collection and can avoid all kinds of TRAPS.!!

Following were some of my popular blog post of 2012, so please read it and understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials and you will think it's all BOGUS.!! Yes it's all BOGUS.!!

It's in our hand to stop all this BOGUS activity so let's do this in 2013.!!

Recently on eBay I saw used cover from Cameroon with 1969 Overprint of Apollo Moon Landing on 1968 Gandhi MLK and Kennedy stamp.!!

To me OVERPRINT stamps will make sense for Great Britain when they were ruling lot of countries before 1945, so they don't have to print lot of different countries stamp were they rule. Also SERVICE overprint stamps were specially made for GOVERNMENT use only, so all this mint SERVICE stamps are either forgery or STOLEN property of that country, because it's should not be out with people if it is not used.

But I was surprised when I saw Cameroon overprint of Apollo Moon Landing stamp cover sold for $256.!! I am not sure whether this is Forgery or Genuine so buyer needs to make sure about it as they have to pay. I just express my view on this cover looking to overall picture in Gandhi stamp collection.

But Cameroon Apollo Moon Landing overprint on Gandhi stamp, Martin Luther King stamp and Kennedy stamps does not make  sense at all, because it was overprint to create ERROR or mistake dealers/printers can make lot of money from it.!!

As you know that ERROR stamps are very hard to find after all kind of quality inspection through various layer of postal administration, so it will be very hard to print this kind of ERROR.
So according to me following cover is not unique but it's worthless because it don't have ERROR stamp by overprinting of Apollo Moon Landing on 1968 stamps Gandhi, MLK and Kennedy's stamp.

There were 5 bidders for this cover and looks like it was won by last minute bidding.

Looks like this cover was won "rthaper". You can get all information about any transaction from eBay by looking feedback of seller and buyer or if you are bidder of that item.!! It's public information which everyone can see without doing anything.!!

In past this kind of Cameroon used cover were sold for high price also. Please click following link to read it.


Now if you compare above cover and recently sold cover, the VALUE of used cover is in decline. In past this kind of cover were sold for $256, $306 and $456, even though they don't have full set of Gandhi, MLK and Kennedy overprint stamp.!!

As I mentioned before this kind of USED covers might be forgery because it was created to make more money because all this kind of material such as rubber stamps, register label can be forged.!!!

So beware what you are collecting. Want to know more about Cameroon stamp then click following link so you will be aware of all activity in Cameroon stamps.

Gandhi Stamps club.

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