Directives of Mao's China stamp

 Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In my previous blog I compare Mao and Gandhi forgery stamps.

In this I will compare Mao instructions stamps or Directives of Mao's Tse-Tung stamps used with rubber stamp of China.!!

Following screenshot is from eBay where 5 used china stamps of Directives of Mao's instructions set, looks like  used on cover  was sold for $2325.!!

As you know I am not expert but express my opinion by thinking what are possibilities in philatelic collection.!!!

In my previous blogpost I wrote about this Directives of Mao Tse-Tsung stamps  were sold for $13.!! and here same stamps is selling for $2325!! except it is used stamps.!!

What are chances of this is forgery. i.e. A forged rubber stamp is applied on Mao's stamps? I am just guessing.!! It's possible.!!

We had seen this kind of forged rubber stamps on  Gandhi stamp collection, so it can be done on Mao's stamp too.!!

Also look at the interest in this stamps. There are 45 bids.!!

Do you think all all bids are genuine.!! i.e. no shill bidding happened in this.? Think what are chances and if you don't know read my 10-20 blog post and you will know what is happening to stamp collection hobby.!!

Following is screenshot where 2 set of stamps were sold for $13. Ofcourse it was sold as FORGERY or REPLICA.

Do you think chances of applying rubber stamp on $13 stamps is possible?

Can You can make 2 used stamps set from $13 ?

Following are Forged RUBBER stamp or BOGUS (never exist) applied as cancellation or special cancellation on some of the India stamps related to 1911 First Aerial mail, Governor General of India, 1948 Gandhi First Day Cover.!!

So don't you think it's even more easy to make(or bribe or request someone) just plain circular post office rubber stamp and apply to any stamps.!!

There are more forged rubber stamp used on Gandhi stamps not only from India but also from different countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Nicaragua, Maldives etc. 

Also don't forget the BLUM case from Germany where a dealer or forger has more than 500 rubber stamp who was caught by Germany police.!!

It's very easy to make circular rubber stamp.!!  Nicaragua 100 years of cinema FDC cancellation is Forged.!! You will find similar in all 1998 Gandhi FDC from Africa and South America countries.!!

Now after comparing above Gandhi stamps forgery with rubber stamps as used stamps, what do you think about used Directives of Mao's instructions stamps?

Is it Genuine or Forgery.?!

Looks like it selling for 2000-2500$.!!

eBay is getting lot of commission from this kind of sale.!!! Also PayPal is getting commission from this kind of sale.

Disclosure : So in January 2013 I bought some eBay stock and become partly owner of the company with very minor stake in it.!!

So I can also make some money not in stamps but seller using eBay (partly mine) infrastructure such as servers, application, network, security.!! and paying commission to eBay and PayPal.

After comparing between Gandhi and Mao stamps now I think it's really a very big "Philatelic GAME.!!"

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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