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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

When old stamps or rare stamps are bought generally it is recommended to get certified by philatelic expert committee.

Reason for this expertizing certificate is to make sure that stamps are indeed genuine with no faults or repaired etc. 

Some of the famous expertizing committee are BPA (British Philatelic Society) and RPS (Royal Philatelic Society).!!

Forgery is nothing new in stamp collection. As per expertizing certificate the Queen Victoria stamp is forgery, which was done 100 years ago. Yes 100 years ago in 1914.!!

Only thing changed in 100 years is QUALITY of forgery stamps and QUANTITY of forgery stamps.!!!

Look at the difference between 1914 "Jai Hind" Overprint on Queen Victoria stamp and Gandhi Service overprint RPS certificate.!!

On Forged Queen Victoria "Jai Hind" overprint stamp, five RPS committee member signed the certificate, where as Gandhi SERVICE RPS certificate is signed by only one committee member, even though it's a one of the RARE stamp and Most expensive stamp in the world.!!

I am not sure whether style of expertizing also changed with time and collectors interest.!! Why just one member is signing to make sure it's authentic or genuine to one of the RARE stamp in the world and which might be one of the top 50 expensive stamp in the world.

Of course it's not one of the oldest stamp in the world.!! It's just 65 years old stamp.!!

In past I wrote about REUSED expertising certificate by using white ink and photocopying this kind of ceritificate and it is widely used on old stamps and rare stamps of British India, Indian stamps etc.

Rare Indian Stamps Below is  rare Indian stamps; this is among the most scarce and rare Indian stamps ever came on eBay as Genuine.!! 

But it's a Forgery stamp sold as rare India stamps!!

One is selling for $40 and other is selling for $225,000.!!!

One is old stamp and one is rare stamps.!! Old stamp is selling as forged stamp where as rare  stamp is selling as genuine.!!

But we know what is happening this overprint stamps during  british India as we had also seen forged King George Stamp overprint SERVICE and Specimen.!! Also all kind of errors in British India stamps with Indian states stamp.!!!

You need to decide what's happening in Gandhi stamps and philatelic collection.!!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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