first day cover : buy Low - sell High

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Buy Low, Sell High.!! This concept is in not new and it's in everything we invest.  Either it's stock or gold or housing property or anything else.!!

This also apply in Gandhi stamps first day cover.!!

Recently 1948 Gandhi stamps private (unofficial cover) First Day cover was sold from UK for $15 and in 2 weeks it was again  for sell but this time from India and it's starting bid $349.!!  Both are different cover but it has same stamps, same cover, same cancellation and same address and same hand writing.!! 

Private or Personal first day cover was not sold for $349.!!  To me even if it is original and genuine, I think $15 is on very upper limit for this kind of personal first day cover.!!

Also not sure any of them are really send to USA because don't look like it.

Also what are chances some one having original special "Jai Hind" cancellation ? Don't you think it's possible.? 

Or someone made it duplicate in 1948 from same source.!! ?

Or someone stole original cancellation in 1948 ? Not sure whether there was any record and possession or even destroy it.?

Don't you think all this can make lot of PRIVATE first day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps any time, any quantity, send to any place in the world.?

All are my assumption, as I don't know what happen in 1948.!!

So that means it's not real price.!! So what is the real price of this first day cover? Is it $15 or $349?

First of all we need to see why this India first day cover was sold only for $15. It was in auction not in fixed price.!! Also there were 3 bidders who bidded on it. Either this might be forgery of cancellation or stamps are facsimile or reprint copy with forged cancellation.!!


$15 is the real value of India f.d.c as no one is interested to buy first day cover because stamp collection hobby is declining or Gandhi stamp collection.

I know it's seller choice to sell their India first day cover. But don't you think this one way of INFLATING the price ?

If you are new and don't know what's the real price you might think that it's Genuine price and you might buy it or buy it when it sold for $299 or $199 or $99.!!

Stay away from 1948 Gandhi private first day cover, because chances of forgery philatelic material and inflated price is very high because

1) It's just rubber stamp which is easy to make.
2) Shill bidding chances are high
3) Inflated selling price by keeping high price and buying it by shill bidder and then don't pay.!!
4) Forgeries stamps might be used on the private first day cover, used cover with 1948 gandhi stamps with 12 annas and made you feel it travel to exoctic destination as well as official first day covers also.
5) Chances of Back stamp from destination place is also forged.

But interesting thing about this cover is that, it came for sale for $199 & $99 from different seller.!!

Check following multiple forged or BOGUS rubber stamp for JAI HIND special cancellation.

When you see PRIVATE (without official cachet from post and telegraph) first day cover then chances of FORGERY OR BOGUS is very very high.

Calcutta cancellation is Forgery and Simla cancellation are both different.!!

Both SHILLONG cancellation looks different with HINDI alphabet "Jai Hind" and type & # of lines.

Compare above four cancellation from BOMBAY and check for # of lines, types of lines in center of special cancellation. (some has 7 and some has 8 and some don't make sense.!!)

Above two cancellation are from MADRAS. Only cancellation with "AUG".!! Also look at the difference between them in shapes. Also "." is missing.

Poona & Simla cancellation looks like BOGUS

Don't your think it's UGLY out there ?

Above two cancellation are from NAGPUR looks BOGUS. Look at the difference.

Kanpur & Patna cancellation with irregular alphabets and letters along with shapes

Delhi and New Delhi cancellation. Looks at  the difference.

Pondicherry was ruled by French India in 1948. Compare it with MADRAS which only has "AUG" where as Pondicherry has "AUGUST" even though they are very near.!!

Does ALLAHABAD & PATNA cancellation looks like GENUINE ?


We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Don't  you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

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