1969 Malta Stamps

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

As we all have value in mind while collecting philatelic material because philatelic material does not come free.!! 

Also it needs to be taken care very nicely for all those years we collect by preserving in nice album in a plastic wrapper or a box etc. So it needs to appreciate a lot and keeping up with inflation of money.!!

Now look at the following screenshot and think do it deserve this kind of valuation after 43+ years.!!

1969 Malta stamp of Gandhi on first day cover was sold for 47 cents.!!

Yes 47 cents after 43+ years.!!

Do you think it will go more lower than this price ?

I think so because there are chances that this PIECE OF PAPER might not be taken care properly and it will get spoiled by water or weather and it will be worthless because no one will buy it.!!

Read my all post related to Malta Gandhi stamps and make sure you are aware of things which will help you with my experience of just 4 years. But it's a lot.


So do you think stamps are for investment ?

I don't think so except few and there are very less people like Bill Gross can afford it and if they afford it they will donate it to philatelic museum. For them it's not investment it's hobby.!!

He has donated more than 100 million to various charity and schools so for him  to buy some very rare stamps like Inverted Jenny (only 100 exist in world) for 2-3 million dollar for a block of 4 and donate it to museum so everyone can see it.!!

Click following link to read my blog post about Inverted Jenny.


Also he wants to make his USA collection complete so he bought it. He might have spend 5-10 million also in order to get as for him money does not matter.!!

Only 1948 10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp comes near to Inverted Jenny and that might be only INVESTMENT stamp in Gandhi collection. All other will never be for Investment.

So all that ROI you read is nothing but false propaganda just attract new collectors.

They don't collect Gandhi stamps which are very widely available(even 1948 Gandhi stamps) because of shear quantity printed which will not make any value.

So all the you read about Bill Gross example is not a valid or right example for stamp investment.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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