China PRC Poem Mao Tse-Tung stamps

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

After 4+ years in Gandhi stamp collection, I am amazed  after comparing Mao stamps  with Gandhi stamps.!!!

It looks like stamp forger, stamp dealers, catalog companies, philatelic blogger(now like me!!), philatelic website, philatelic handbooks etc follow were popularity and money is.!!!

After looking to following set of 14 Mao poem stamps, to me Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, was writing poem as hobby.

I think it's a combination of forger, dealers, catalog companies, bloggers and website operators makes money.!! 

Some makes less money by just selling it quick and some take their time to make money after exhibiting, writing blog and website to glorify stamps by false propaganda  and make a HUGE money out of it.!!!

Also all sale on eBay is not real. i.e  it is not paid. Just bidding only.!! Buyer don't pay to seller and seller complain to eBay so don't have to pay commission.!!

eBay don't take any action on buyer if not paid.!!! They will just disable account or give warning or will not allow to bid.!!

Also price are inflated by SHILL Bidding i.e.  seller bids on his/her own item with other eBay id or friends (gang or cartel) helps them out!!! 

If higher bidder is shill bidder or friends they just mutual withdraw the bid and don't pay money to eBay.!!

This is going in Gandhi stamps and philatelic but now I am certain it will be every where.!!!

Compare following 2 screenshots and you will be surprised the difference in the price. One is selling as Replica or copy stamps or not real where as other is selling as if it is Genuine. I compare both and to me it looks like it similar with nothing difference.!!

So now think why some one will by for $3550 for this stamps.!!! But it's available for $15!!

I know how this works.!!

Read following blog post and you will understand what are the chances.


If you want to know more about CHEATING in Gandhi Philately and stamps collection than please read my blog posts and THINK and COMPARE andy stamp collection.!!

If not pay $15 or $3550!! It's your money and you can spend any way you want.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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