Indian Philately Exposed ? Part - II

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In my previous blog post (Indian Philately Exposed - Part I)  I had mentioned about Glorification of 1948 Indian Gandhi Philatelic materials with inflating price in auction and not paying it(buying or actual transaction completed between seller and buyer), so in future new collector will think price appreciation in Gandhi Philately including Indian stamps and postal history is extremely buoyant, and makes an excellent opportunity for investors.

Also it was Sunday so no Post Office was open except some G.P.O in big major cities such as Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and Delhi.

All this post mark from small post office are nothing but forgery, because it does not make sense, as 15 August 1948 was first anniversary of Independence of India so there were other important function than just stamps first day issue.

But some of you know that it's completely lie about the current pricing as it's very highly inflated.  Looks like a big bubble which happens in US housing market where prices were inflated by bankers/brokers up to 3-4 times but in Indian 1948 Gandhi Stamps it is inflated 30-40 times.!! and sometimes more.!!

Also during housing bubble, people were getting REAL/Genuine house.!! but in Indian Gandhi Philately material chances are you might get FAKE/Forgery cancellations on FAKE/Forgery Stamps.!!

Who ever bought house during that bubble are now bankrupt or  depressed/sad because of decline in their home value but if you buy Indian Philately at this price bankruptcy is also not possible because you don't take any kind of loan from bank to purchase this and you will be very depressed/sad.

On June 3rd, Gandhi  Private FDC with regular post office cancellation which is easy to forge/fake (without cachet and special cancellation) was sold from Melbourne, Australia by ebay seller "melbournestamps" and buyer was 2***1(150) who bid $4801. It took total 9 bidders and 22 bids to reach $4801 from 99 cents.!!!!!!

I always avoid Private FDC because it's very easy to forged and after all my experience I hardly see Genuine material. In this FDC I don't see cancellation from Bermuda which is final destination and also printed register label from Porbander.(which both are easy to forge so that's not a big deal.!!)

Now you might be thinking WOW!! what a price but actually that's not a case.!! but that's not a case. Buyer did not paid. 

Do you think $4801 is the price for this private FDC. ? I don't think so as this is inflated to look good. 

Do you think eBay is losing money in this kind of transaction?

Do you think eBay shareholders are at risks with this kind of activities.?

CHECK Latest feedback : http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=190682948184&showauto=true

Bidders are

2***1(150) philamaniac2011 (on 7/16/2012 feedback is 157, click above link to verify)
m***1(269) simrenzo1 (also victim of "hitlerandgandhi" who did not paid to him) (but also bidded on this item from $450 to $4443)
t***8(2798) rohit98103
h***t(1703) "posthost" aka "philametrics"

As per seller previous buyer did not paid for it.!! So it is on auction again!!!!!!!!!

Following screenshot shows that this Private FDC was for auction again from same seller "melbournestamps" at a starting price of $4480.!! instead of 97 cents.!  But why did  2nd and 3rd bidders are not buying this as it was not sold again on July 7th.!!  But your guess is my guess.!!

Don't know how seller this time thinks this is valued $4480 instead of 97 cents.!! 

My personal opinion for price for this cover is not more than $50.!! It has nothing interesting on the this philatelic private FDC cover. I always avoid private FDC since I bought Gandhi 1948 Private FDC with Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation (rubber stamp). 

I am always curious about Authenticity of Private FDC/Used cover because they are made as per demand and sometimes with Forgery/FAKE cancellation as NO Official Indian Post Cachet is required.!! Even Certification Experts like BPA or RPS don't authenticate cancellation (rubber stamp) as it is very easy to forge. And you know there are even forged special cancellation of 1948 from India.

By increasing price and not buying is to Glorified of Gandhi stamps so more new collector will think it's a way to invest in Gandhi Stamps and Philately and specially any thing with  1948 Gandhi Stamps from India.

Don't you think Indian Philately is exposed? This is a common practice to make collectors think Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material is RED HOT and one should invest in Gandhi Stamps.!!

Do you think it's nothing but GLORIFICATION of 1948 Gandhi Stamps philatelic material from India?

It's again for sale for 3rd time.!! at $4480 ended on 7/15/2012

It's again for sale for 4th time !! at $4480 ending on 7/22/2012 !!!

My opinion on 1948 India Gandhi Stamps, FDC and used commerical cover is nothing by INFLATED (artifically RED HOT).

Also to me it looks like NO ONE IS PAYING TO EBAY/PAYPAL FOR 1948 GANDHI STAMPS AND PHILATELY MATERIAL.  It's just inflat the price so in future some new collector will get trap or just keep artificially price very HIGH.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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