1948 India Gandhi Memorial Stamps folder : What a price difference in a month !! $137 to $600 does it make sense.?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

I don't know why some is willing to pay $600 for this 1948 Gandhi Stamps folder from India. Also there are 50 bids.!!

In my previous blog post I mentioned about pricing of this folder with Gandhi stamps. It was sold for only $137.!! on March 7th.  You can read this blog post to better understand what's going on in 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.

Following is screenshot of folder sold on April 11th by "city-collectables" from Poland who recently sold 40-50 Gandhi FDC from Somalia.

So in just 35 days it was increase by 463 dollars.!! 

After detail analysis of this trade it looks like 2 bidder h***h (117) and s***y (286) took price from $200 to $600. Looks like this bidders bids without doing any research.!! 

Do you think someone is willing to pay $600 without doing any research such as current pricing, future ROI etc.?

Do you think it's another example of FALSE HOPE of RICHES in Gandhi Stamps? Read following series of my blog post  to understand False Hope of Riches.

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